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Car Access

Microchip offers traditional Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) and immobilizer car access solutions. RKE uses key fob push-button access, while PEPS enables a more advanced hands-free interaction with the vehicle. PEPS provides locking, unlocking and engine start/stop functionality over high-security channels without any manual action with the key fob. Individual key fobs can be customized for drivers, adjusting seat and mirror positions, car's infotainment settings and more. PEPS allows an autonomous and convenient way to enter and start the vehicle while maintaining a high level of safety and security. Both RKE and PEPS solutions work with immobilizer technology enhancing security and providing dead-battery fob access.

Key Features

  • Complete product offering — With Microchip, you can create your own dedicated designs whether you choose our low-power transmitter IC family, receiver IC family, or microcontroller family. Our broad product scope includes dedicated RF transmitters, receivers and transceivers, as well as integrated RF, LF, and AVR® microcontrollers to meet all your design needs. Our newest receivers offer even better integration and sensitivity to lower your application costs.
  • Highly secure solutions — Microchip's automotive safety portfolio features extremely secure PEPS solutions with a bi-directional RF link and dedicated LF wake-up channel. All new Microchip car access products are based on the AES-128 encryption standard for maximum security.
  • Open standards — Microchip's open source AES-128 immobilizer protocol stack eliminates the problems that prevent car manufacturers from adopting multi-vendor sourcing strategies and gives you the freedom to choose components that best fit your needs.