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Automotive Analog Products

Low-Power, High-Precision, Space-Saving Solutions for Automotive Designs

The demand for automobile electronics has never been greater. Do you need lower quiescent currents? Does your design require reduced board space? Designers of electronic control modules within the automobile are being challenged to deliver increased performance in a variety of systems including: powertrain, chassis, comfort, driver information, entertainment and safety. Microchip’s broad portfolio of low-power analog products enables the development of cost-effective solutions that address these challenges and others facing the system designer. As one of the first companies to apply Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology to the development process for analog products, Microchip has utilized its NVM experience to deliver innovative analog solutions with unchallenged electrical characteristics. Our portfolio of low-power analog solutions includes a wide range of power management, linear, mixed signal, thermal management and interface products to support the unique needs of the automotive designer.

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