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Successive Approximation Register (SAR)

The majority of our integrated ADCs are implemented with the SAR architecture. SAR is a natural fit for 8-bit MCUs as it is very low power and cost effective, while providing the require resolution and accuracy for 8-bit applications.

12-bit ADC is available on the PIC16F178x family, offering up to 14 channels at 75 ksps conversion rate. The module also supports a 10-bit mode, which can be used if higher sample rates (up to 100 kbps) are desired.

Focus Products: PIC16F178x

10-bit ADC can be found on over 200 8-bit PIC® MCUs ranging from 8 to 100 pins. With up to 25 channels at 100 ksps conversion rate, this ADC offers the best balance of cost and performance in 8-bit.

Focus Products: PIC1xF150x, PIC12F1822, PIC16F193x, PIC12F1840, PIC16F151x, PIC18xxK20, PIC18FxxK22,

8-bit ADC is found on several cost-optimized 8-bit PIC MCU families (including the PIC10F2xx/3xx), brings intelligent analog capability into footprints as small as 2 x 3mm, with as few as 6 pins.

Focus Products: PIC10F32x, PIC16F527, PIC16F570

Delta Sigma

A select few of our 8-bit devices have ADCs based on a Delta-Sigma architecture. The Delta-Sigma architecture enables very high resolution and accuracy, at lower sampling rates.

16-bit ADC is available on the PIC18F8xJ72 family offering outstanding performance at 90 dB SINAD.

Focus Products: PIC18F86J72, PIC18F87J72

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AN1779 - Sensored Single-Phase BLDC Motor Driver Using PIC16F1613 08/13/14 698 KB PDF

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