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Effortless Design

PIC and AVR microcontrollers (MCUs) help you to easily bring your ideas to life, no matter your skill level. Pick from our broad portfolio of uniquely configurable MCUs and start designing quickly using our award-winning integrated development environments with production-ready code generation tools and best-in-class rapid prototyping hardware. This complete offering of silicon, development environments and industry knowledge enables you to easily add functionality and robustness to your designs while shortening the overall design cycle. Our commitment to long-term availability of PIC and AVR MCUs ensures that you can continue using your existing parts or easily migrate to other fully compatible device family members to increase functionality without requiring an extensive redesign.

New Products

New 8-bit products featuring the latest Core Independent Peripherals, integrated analog and low-power options are highlighted below. To browse our entire 8-bit microcontroller portfolio, use our parametric search

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PIC Microcontroller Families

Streamline designs with the industry's most capable and easy-to-use 8-bit MCUs.

AVR Microcontroller Families

Reduce your development time with the industry’s most code-efficient MCU architecture.

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Get Started with PIC MCUs

Select an easy-to-use development board and begin your journey with the MPLAB® development ecosystem.

Get Started with AVR MCUs

Choose an Xplained development board to quickly turn your ideas into prototypes using Microchip Studio.

Take Your Design to a New Level of Capability and Performance

Discover how our flexible on-chip Core Independent Peripherals and Intelligent Analog peripherals can increase the capabilities of any control system while reducing power consumption, cutting your development time and speeding up your time to market.

Making It Easy to Scale Your Design

Are your design requirements increasing, requiring more performance, more Flash, more RAM or faster peripherals than are available on the PIC18 microcontroller (MCU) that you used in your original design? Learn how you can easily extend your application with more functionality by migrating your design from a PIC18 to a PIC24 MCU. 


Reference Guides

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8-bit PIC MCU Peripherals Quick Reference Card Download
AVR MCU Peripherals Quick Reference Card Download


Title Download
Microchip Minutes Episode 6: Basic Comparator Setup Application Lab Download
8-bit PIC and AVR Microcontroller Solutions Brochure Download

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We are here to support you. Contact our Client Success Team to get assistance with your design.

Microchip's ATtiny1627 Microcontrollers

The ATtiny1627 MCU family of AVR microcontrollers (MCUs) are equipped with high-speed integrated analog, hardware-based Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) and low-power performance for efficient real-time control and sensor node applications.