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dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ Family of Digital Signal Controllers

Digital Power | Dual Partition Flash | Live Update | Dual CAN | High-Speed PWM | High-Speed ADC | Scalable

The dsPIC33EP "GS" family delivers the performance needed to implement more sophisticated non-linear, predictive and adaptive control algorithms at higher switching frequencies in digital power applications. These advanced algorithms enable power supply designs that are more energy efficient and have better power supply specifications. Higher switching frequencies enable the development of physically smaller power supplies that offer higher densities and lower costs. Compared with the previous generation of dsPIC33FJ ‘GS’ DSCs, the dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ devices provide less than half the latency when used in a three-pole three-zero compensator and consume up to 80% less power in any application.

The key features of this family include up to five 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) with as many as 22 ADC inputs, providing total throughput of 16 Mega samples per second (Msps) with a 300 ns ADC latency. For higher-precision designs, these devices also include 12-bit Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) for each of the four analog comparators. The two on-chip programmable gain amplifiers can be used for current sensing and other precision measurements. Including these advanced analog amplifiers on the device reduces the number of external components required, thereby saving cost and board space.

Key Features of the dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ Family of DSCs

Key Features Description
Live UpdateFacilitates real-time Flash firmware updates which is especially helpful for high-availability or "always-on" systems
Up to 125°C Operation Robust operation in extreme operating conditions and AEC Q100 Grade 1 qualified
High Analog Integration Features 3.25 Msps 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), comparators and Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA)
Digital Power Peripherals Ideal for high-speed, high-precision digital power applications
  • Interconnected SMPS peripherals
  • PWM generators with 1.04 ns resolution
  • Supports center-aligned, redundant, complementary and true independent output modes
  • PWM support for AC/DC, DC/DC, inverters, Power Factor Correction (PFC) and lighting applications
Robust Connectivity Features up to two CAN modules, LIN and other serial communication peripherals like UART, SPI and I2C with PMBus™ and SMBus support
Functional Safety Dedicated hardware features such as Fail-Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM), Windowed Watchdog Timer (WDT), Power-on Reset (POR), Brown-out Reset (BOR), High/Low Voltage Detect (HLVD) and more
Flexible Peripherals Specialized Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), such as the Peripheral Trigger Generator (PTG), that are designed to take the load off the Central Processing Unit (CPU)
DMA Dedicated Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller supports both memory and peripheral data transfers to reduce CPU workload
ScalableFlash memory densities range from 16 KB to 128 KB, RAM ranges from 2-8 KB, and packages range from 28- to 80-pins. This family offers CAN and non-CAN variants.

Target Applications

AC/DC Power Supplies

  • Primary side: Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Secondary side: Regulated DC/DC

DC/DC Power Supplies

  • Quarter brick and other small form factors
  • Automotive DC/DC converters

Wireless Power

  • Automotive 3-coil charger
  • High-wattage inductive wireless power

Broad Range of Applications

  • Solar inverters
  • Battery chargers
  • USB Power Delivery
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Automotive lighting

dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ Family Selection Guide

For more information on each of the dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ products, click the “Sub Family” name in the table below.

Standard Key Features: UART, LIN, I2C, SPI, Timers, PWMs/IC/OC, PPS, PGA, HS Comparators, 3V Operating Voltage and up to 125°C Operating Temperature
Standard Safety Features: WDT, Clock Monitoring, HLVD, BOR, POR and CRC
dsPIC33EP 'GS' FamilyMemoryIntegrated AnalogWaveform ControlClocks and TimersCommunicationSystem Flexibility
Sub FamilyPin CountProgram Flash (KB)RAM (KB)ADCPGAsSMPS PWMsInput Capture/ Output CompareDual CANPTG
dsPIC33EP128GS80828 - 8064 - 128812-bit (3.25 Msps)
5 S&H
8 pair, 1.04 ns4 / 4
dsPIC33EP64GS50628 - 6416 - 642 - 812-bit (3.25 Msps)
5 S&H
5 pair, 1.04 ns4 / 4--
dsPIC33EP32GS2022816 - 64212-bit (3.25 Msps)
3 S&H
3 pair, 1.04 ns1 / 1--

Digital Power Design Suite

Microchip’s Digital Power Design Suite includes the Digital Compensation Design Tool (DCDT), MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC), Microchip compensator libraries and design examples. These four packages combine to provide the tools and required guidance for developing complete digital power designs.

Intelligent Power Design Center

For the highest-performance, very-high-efficiency digital power applications, dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) can close the control loop in the digital domain, offering powerful algorithms to maximize efficiency at all load conditions. Visit our Intelligent Power Design Center to explore a range of software libraries, hardware development tools, reference designs and application notes targeting AC/DC, DC/AC and DC/DC power supplies, wireless power, solar power, battery management and digital power lighting applications.

Parametric Charts

For a more in-depth analysis of our dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ family features and peripheral offerings, use our parametric tables to select the perfect device for your design.

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