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RISC-V® Innovation Unleashed Training Archive

Select recordings from the playlist below to listen to any trainings in this series that you may have missed.

Training#1: Introduction to the PolarFire® SoC Icicle Kit

Did you just get your hands on an Icicle Development Kit, and are you ready to find out what it can do? During this training, you’ll learn how to boot the Linux® OS out of the box and run a webserver on the kit to monitor power usage. You’ll also be shown how to program the eNVM™ to run a bare metal application on boot and restore the kit to the factory image to boot Linux once again.

Training #2: PolarFire® SoC Software Development Flow

During this training, we will demonstrate the software flow for using PolarFire SoC FPGAs. We will configure the Microprocessor Subsystem (MSS) using the MSS configurator, show you how to import the generated MSS component into a Libero® SoC Design Suite project and demonstrate how to integrate the generated MSS configuration XML into the embedded software flow. You will also learn how to enable the fabric interfaces on the MSS to start taking advantage of the PolarFire FPGA fabric.

Training #3: Booting PolarFire® SoC FPGAs

In this training, we'll show you how your FPGA comes to life when you turn on the power. We’ll walk you through starting up the system controller, booting the Microprocessor Subsystem (MSS) cores, configuring the system to the Zero Stage Boot Loader (ZSBL), copying your bare metal or Linux® image into memory and starting up.

Training #4: Hart Software Services

During this training, we'll look at the functions offered in Hart Software Services (HSS) and discuss why it is used in the PolarFire® SoC FPGA design flow. We'll then configure and build HSS, show you how to program the eNVM with the HSS image and boot the system.

Training #5: PolarFire® SoC Power Estimation

In this training, we'll examine the low-power features built into the PolarFire® SoC, how to estimate the power usage of a design and how to measure and verify power usage with the PAC1934 current and voltage sensor on the PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit.