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Zero Touch Secure Provisioning Kit for AWS IoT


Secure your authentication for AWS IoT with the ATECC508AMAHAW CryptoAuthentication device.

Isolate Private Keys from the microcontroller and the software

  • Authentication: Leverage the Just-In-Time-Registration function from the AWS IoT service combined with the mandatory TLS 1.2 and mutual authentication - bulk certificate upload has never been that easy
  • Secure Storage: Best-in-class anti-tampering techniques
  • Cryptography: Do it well and process it fast - benefit from the integrated Elliptical Curve Crypto (ECC) hardware accelerator of the ATECC508AMAHAW
  • Provisioning: Eliminate mis-trust in your contract manufacturers. Let Microchip secure factories handle your secrets
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The total IoT security package with the CryptoAuthentication device for AWS IoT

Microchip CryptoAuthentication devices ATECC508MAHAW keep your secrets out of the microcontroller and enable an agnostic design.

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Use a basic LED and Button I/Os to start prototyping



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Accelerate your development with the ATSAMG55 Cortex-M4® running FreeRTOS

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Securely store and provision secrets in the pre-configured ATECC508MAHAW


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Benefit from the widely used ATWINC1500 Wi-Fi and its integrated TLS



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Add flexibility and scale to your IoT network with the AWS IoT service


Time to step up your security! Protect your customer, protect your brand, and protect the users!