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Microchip Libraries for Applications

The Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA) enhances inter-operability for applications that need to use more than one library. Once you download the Microchip Libraries for Applications, you can select the projects that you need for your application. In addition to the source code, this software package includes: drivers, demos, documentation, and utilities.

Archived versions of older Microchip Libraries for Applications are available in the download section below. To see which libraries are included, please hover over the! symbol near the release notes for each MLA version.

MLA includes:

  • Prebuilt projects for MPLAB® X IDE
  • Support for XC compilers

Starting with the 2013-12-20 release, the MLA will only include pre-built projects for MPLAB X IDE.
Not all legacy demos have been ported to the new version of the MLA.

Please see the Legacy MLA tab below if you need:

  • Pre-built projects for MPLAB 8 IDE
  • Support for TCP/IP with Ethernet and Touch
  • Legacy demo support

Where to start?

  • 8-bit PIC16 and PIC18 customers should see the MPLAB Code Configurator for newer support of popular software libraries
  • 32-bit PIC32 customers (except for PIC32MM) should use MPLAB Harmony Integrated Software Framework which includes TCPIP, USB, Graphics, File systems and more
  • 32-bit SAM customers should use Atmel START with Advanced Software Framework
  • PIC24, dsPIC33 and PIC32MM customers should start with MLA for the libraries detailed in the table below

Contents within Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA)

Library Current Version PIC18F PIC24 & dsPIC33 PIC32MM
(8-bit) (16-bit) (32-bit)
File I/O (Memory Disk Drive)1.06  
Crypto Software (AES, TDES, RSA, ...)2.00.02b  
Crypto 16bv1 (Hardware) for PIC24F0.01.01b  
Crypto Hash (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, ...)1.00.01  
Smart Card2.03  
MiWi Protocol5.30 
TCPIP (with Wi-Fi® support only)5.47