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Emulator and Debugger Accessories

Emulator or Debugger units may require  Extension Paks or  Headers, as well as communications and power cables, to complete the emulation or debug system. Other accessories are available for the specific needs of developers.

Extension Paks / Headers

Debugger and Emulator tools may require device-specific extension paks or headers to perform debugging functions. See the "Processor Extension Pak and Header Specification" under Documents below or the "Emulation Extension Paks" link on the left for details. View all Headers products.

Accessories - Emulator / Debugger

Emulator/Debugger accessories include adaptor plugs, logic probes, opto-isolator kit, and more. Shop for Emulator / Debugger accessories.


Using cables designed to work with our tools and demo boards provides the best-case operation of these products. View all Cables we offer.