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Explore our solutions to find the right performance level, memory size, peripherals and number of I/O pins based on the type of motor and the complexity of the control technique that your application requires.

8-bit Microcontrollers

PIC® and AVR® MCUs offer a variety of peripherals, speeds and package options, making them well-suited for implementing basic motor control in simple and cost-effective applications.

dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controllers

High-performance dsPIC33 DSCs with a DSP instruction set feature motor control specific peripherals, including high-resolution Pulse-Width Modulators (PWMs) with complementary waveforms, dedicated time bases and high analog integration. Single- and dual-core dsPIC33 DSCs can be used to implement high-efficiency, high-precision variable speed, constant torque and Field-Oriented Control (FOC) motor control applications.

32-bit Microcontrollers

Ranging from entry-level up to high-performance devices, our portfolio of Arm® Cortex® M0+, M4 and M7-based SAM MCUs and PIC32MK MIPS-based MCUs with floating point processing and DSP extensions give you the power, features and precision you need.


Our comprehensive low-power FPGA-based motor control suite consists of a hardware platform and software IP for developing BLDC, stepper, PMSM and inductor motors used in multi-axis servos, multi-motor robotic arms, avionics, medical and electric vehicles. Their high-performance features include 1 ms control loops, 300 kHz switching frequencies and 5 ns PWM resolution with dead time control.

Gate Drivers

To accompany your selected motor control MCU or DSC, we provide a variety of half-bridge, full-bridge and 3-phase MOSFET gate drivers with integrated voltage supplies and feedback circuits for use in PMSM, BLDC and ACIM motors.

Single-Chip Motor Control and Motor Drive Controllers

Often used as companion chips to our PIC and AVR MCUs and dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers, our single-chip motor control and motor drive solutions enable simpler designs and decrease board space. These solutions include BLDC, stepper and multi-channel half-bridge motor drivers with integrated MOSFETs.