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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a device that is capable of cleaning floors without direct user interaction. It can be controlled via touch buttons on the top or configured and customized via a phone app. The user can also create custom cleaning schedules.

Design Challenges

There is a growing consumer demand for smart appliances, and robotic vacuums are some of the most popular and widely adopted products today. To continue to be appealing, they need to meet these criteria:

  • Small size
  • Light weight
  • Long battery life
  • Additional performance to run enhanced room mapping algorithms

Recommended Solutions

32-bit Microcontrollers (MCUs)

  • SAM S70 - Arm® Cortex®-M7 based MCU with powerful core for image processing and mapping
  • SAM D21 - Arm Cortex-M0+ based low-power, general-purpose MCU with hardware capacitive touch
  • SAM L11 - Arm Cortex-M23 based, ultra-low power MCU that provides chip-level security with Arm TrustZone® technology and secure boot and has enhanced hardware capacitive touch with water tolerance and parallel acquisition

dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs)

  • dsPIC33C – High-performance dual- and single-core dsPIC DSCs with maximum analog integration including high-speed  Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) with waveform generation, analog comparators and Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs) for motor control, power conversion and sensor interfacing applications

Wireless Connectivity

  • ATWINC1500 (Wi-Fi®) - IEEE® 802.11 b/g/n SmartConnect IoT module

Secure Element

  • ATECC608A – JIL “high” rated cryptographic co-processor with secure hardware-based key storage

Step-Down Converter

  • MIC23030 - Offers low Q current with very high efficiency at full load and light load conditions, making it perfect for battery-operated applications

Battery Charging/Management

  • MCP738xx - These highly advanced linear charge management controllers  feature small package sizes, user-programmable charge current and high-accuracy preset output voltage regulation

Motor Drivers

  • MTS2916A or MTS62C19A – Dual full-bridge motor driver with two independent H-bridge outputs capable of sustaining 40V and delivering up to 750 mA of continuous current

USB Power Switch

  • UCS2113 - Dual USB power switch with integrated current sensor

maXTouch® Touchscreen Controller

  • ATMXT Touchscreen Controller Family - Leading projected capacitive touch sensing technology for touchscreens and touchpads, with a portfolio covering solutions for all touch surfaces and screens up to 24” in diagonal size

MEMS Clock (Optional)

  • DSC612 or DSC613 -  MEMS clock generators that cover a wide frequency range without requiring an external crystal and provide a true single-chip, multi-output solution for MCU-based systems

Design Resources

  • Software drivers, middleware, touch library and ATECC608 CryptoAuthLib library
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) communication stacks
  • Hardware and software reference design and cloud demo for creating a prototype
  • QTouch® Composer to configure and calibrate the capacitive touch UI design