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Easy-to-Use Solution for Configuring an AVR-IoT or PIC-IoT Board to Connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google IoT Core Platforms

AVR-IoT, PIC-IoT and SAM-IoT development board enthusiasts, are you ready to take the next step in creating your smart, connected and secure embedded design? Uncomplicate the process of implementing embedded cloud security with our free IoT Provisioning Tool. It doesn’t require any new hardware. All you need is your AVR-IoT, PIC-IoT or SAM-IoT board, a keyboard, a command line, an Internet connection and 10 minutes to start building a secure IoT cloud application. Use this tool to:

  • Configure your device to connect to a different cloud provider
  • Generate and register the security certificates in the selected cloud platform
  • Program the board with the firmware for the selected cloud platform
  • Migrate to a private cloud account to start building your custom cloud application
  • Restore the board to original factory settings and firmware

Getting Started and Documentation

The zip file contains command-line executables for Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® operating systems bundled with all the firmware needed to complete the provisioning. Extract and use the command-line utility corresponding to your operating system. You will find more instructions for running the tool in iotprovision.md found in the root folder.

Other Helpful Resources

Converting PIC-IoT and AVR-IoT Boards Between AWS and GCP

This video describes the process of converting a PIC-IoT or AVR-IoT Board from Google to AWS, and vice versa. This is done using the IoT Provisioning Tool.

What Are the AVR-IoT, PIC-IoT and SAM-IoT Development Boards?

The AVR-IoT, PIC-IoT and SAM-IoT development boards help you create smart, connected and secure IoT designs for the cloud. These development boards contain a microcontroller (MCU), secure element and wireless module and are pre-configured to connect to either Amazon Web Services or Google IoT Core platforms.

Are You Just Getting Started with an AVR-IoT, PIC-IoT or SAM-IoT Board?

Before you dive into the IoT Provisioning Tool, you should get to know your board through the demonstration sandbox. Your board is pre-configured to securely connect to this sandbox so you can start exploring the cloud in just minutes. Use the links below to go to the product page for each board. Refer to the quick start guides for your product to get started.

Development Boards for Amazon Web Services

AVR-IoT WA Development Board

Part Number: EV15R70A

PIC-IoT WA Development Board

Part Number: EV54Y39A

Development Boards for Google IoT Core

AVR-IoT WG Development Board

Part Number: AC164160

PIC-IoT WG Development Board

Part Number: AC164164

SAM-IoT WG Development Board

Part Number: EV75S95A