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We offer the following software options for developing automotive applications using our microcontrollers (MCUs) and Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs):

LIN Driver Software Libraries

IHR is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnosis and emulation tools as well as gateways for the automotive industry. IHR is also an associated member of the LIN consortium and has been performing LIN conformance tests for LIN 1.3, LIN 2.0 and LIN 2.1 test specifications.

As one of our key design partners, IHR has developed LIN-compliant drivers for our PIC16F, PIC18F and PIC24F families of MCUs. Their LIN Configuration Tool helps automate the process of generating LIN-compliant code that contains bus configuration information, node information and signal data using the LIN Description File (LDF).

Visit the IHR website to download the latest version of their LIN Drivers and Configuration Tool.

CAN Driver Software Libraries

We provide a total CAN solution that includes easy-to-use development systems, code examples, drivers and application notes for low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for your high-performance, embedded design. Vector CANbedded™ and osCAN™ development solutions support the following families of devices:

  • PIC18 MCUs
  • PIC24H MCUs
  • dsPIC30F DSCs
  • dsPIC33 DSCs with embedded CAN controllers

Please contact your local Microchip sales office for more information.

AUTOSAR® MCAL Driver Software

AUTOSAR addresses the challenge of increasing software complexity by providing an open and exchangeable solution to standardize the software architecture for automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs). This enables automotive designers to create innovative electronic systems that offer improved quality, performance, safety and security.

As an associate partner of the AUTOSAR standard, we offer Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) software for our 16-bit MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs and 32-bit MCUs and microprocessors (MPUs). This software development solution complies with Automotive SPICE® and ISO 26262 standards.

Please contact your local Microchip sales office to request these drivers.