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Reduced Board Space, Reduced Weight and Increased Reliability for Your Space Designs

Building on nearly six decades of innovation and expertise in space electronics, our portfolio of radiation-hardened Integrated Circuits (ICs) continues to expand with the inclusion of advanced mixed-signal solutions. Each of these products integrates commonly used satellite functions into a single, space-saving device. This results in a simplified solution that can meet demanding weight and space requirements while increasing reliability in your designs.

Our Solutions Offer:

  • High performance in satellites of various types operating in a range of orbits
  • Radiation-hardened by design
  • Significant reduction in BOM IC count for increased reliability, reduced board space and reduced weight
  • Designs derived from development expertise with circuit elements that have over 15 years of flight heritage
  • Custom options for your specific application needs

How Can You Use Our Solutions in Your Design?

Position Sensing/Motor Control

Satellites and other space instrumentation systems contain many motor control applications. These applications include robotics, multi-axis pointing mechanisms for antennas and laser terminals, solar panel positioning and precise motion control of mirrors and lenses. Our LX7720 power driver with rotation and position sensing provides motor driver and linear actuator servo control to Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors, Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs) and other types of motors.

Featured Product:

  • LX7720 Spacecraft Motor Controller with Position Sensing

Power Protection and Management

Managing power to improve efficiency and save precious stored energy in satellite systems is key. Protecting power sources and loads from damage is also essential. We offer the following reliable mixed-signal solutions to help you achieve both of these design requirements.

Featured Products:


Satellite payload instruments need to collect huge amounts of telemetry data to ensure safe and reliable satellite operation. In addition to monitoring the health of the satellite, telemetry also detects faults, helps in the isolation and recovery of the satellite from the ground station if needed, and allows the satellite to autonomously control payload instrument loading. This aids in monitoring power consumption and thermal dissipation, which is critical to avoid overloading and to preserve the life of the satellite.

Featured Product:

  • LX7730 64 Analog Input Telemetry Controller

Custom Design and Production

We offer custom integrated circuit design and manufacturing of analog mixed-signal solutions for your unique space system needs. Our experienced team has been developing radiation-hardened designs for many years and has flight heritage in multiple satellite platforms. We will work with you throughout all stages of your design and production of your project.

Our expertise includes radiation testing, analysis and reporting for TID, SEL/SEU, ELDRS and neutron exposures and adherence to standards and certifications such as AS9100, ISO9001, MIL-PRF-38535 and QML.

What Development Tools Are Available?

These evaluation boards and daughter boards for our space system manager products are available to support your development:

LX7730-DB Daughter Board

The LX7730-DB allows you to evaluate key functions when using a LX7730 and an RTG4™ FPGA. It plugs directly into an RTG4 FPGA Development Kit via FMC connectors.

LX7720-DB Daughter Board

The LX7720-DB allows you to evaluate key functions when developing a LX7720-based motor drive system using an MCU system controller or an FPGA. It plugs directly into an RTG4 FPGA Development Kit via FMC connectors. It also connects to the SAMRH71F20-EK Evaluation Kit and other FPGA development platforms using an included 40-pin header.

LX7730-EVB Evaluation Board

The LX7730-EVB allows you to exercise LX7730 features when coupled with a USB-to-serial interface. Application software is provided, and the board comes with a cable assembly.

Mixed-Signal Solutions for Space Videos