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Highly integrated transmitters combine our successful AVR® microcontroller core with robust, field-proven RF transmitters suitable for applications such as smart metering, alarm systems, home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Our SoC transmitters for operation in the Sigfox network have been designed to maximize wireless range and battery life for power-sensitive applications.

Device Description
ATA8401 UHF ASK/FSK Industrial Transmitter 310 to 350 MHz
ATA8402 UHF ASK/FSK Industrial Transmitter 429 to 439 MHz
ATA8403 UHF ASK/FSK Industrial Transmitter 868 to 928 MHz
ATA8404 UHF ASK/FSK Industrial Transmitter 313 to 317 MHz
ATA8405 UHF ASK/FSK Industrial Transmitter 432 to 448 MHz
ATA8741 Microcontroller with UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter 315 MHz
ATA8742 Microcontroller with UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter 433 MHz
ATA8743 Microcontroller with UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter 868 to 915 MHz

Introducing Microchip's WFI32 Wi-Fi 32-bit MCU Module

This video introduces Microchip’s first Trust&GO Wi-Fi® 32-bit MCU, which has market leading MCU functionalities and is pre-provisioned for cloud platforms.