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With users accessing enormous amounts of data more frequently and from more devices than ever before, managing the complexities of this increased demand while providing the highest quality of service has tested data center efficiency.

Data centers must satisfy these increased demands in the most cost-efficient manner possible, with an emphasis on increasing the performance-to-cost ratio which includes hardware-related costs. The days of simply adding more servers to accommodate more services and data bandwidth are long gone. Storage solutions must be optimized to meet these expanding needs, but also flexible enough to help futureproof data centers in anticipation of ever-increasing user demands.

What Do Architects Rank as the Most Important Considerations When Building a Data Center?

Operational Continuity and Reduced Complexity

We optimize our product technology for best-in-class performance, deliver a consistent and complete solution roadmap, align with ecosystem partners and use consistent management tools.

High Performance

Our products are designed to be reliable with maximum uptime, easy bring-up and simplified management and best-in-class technical support.


We understand critical data security and protection and deliver a set of solutions such as RAID, controller-based data encryption, and Trusted Platform security support.


We offer products with industry-leading low power, and our tools and support accelerate time to market, simplify and streamline storage management, maximize software reuse and deliver generational compatibility to lower the cost of adoption and deployment.

Benefit from Our Data Center Ecosystem

We have a long-standing partnership with a broad set of industry leaders. These ecosystem partnerships span a wide range hardware and software solutions, standards and working groups, manufacturing partnerships and strategic alliances to deliver cutting-edge products to our clients.

Strategic Alliance Partners
Extensive collaboration with industry leaders to develop solutions encompassing multiple technologies

Reference Design Partners
Solutions developed around our silicon partners in the CPU, NPU, GPU and PRO space

Technology Partners
Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Independent Hardware Vendors (HVs), IP core and EDA vendors compatible with PROs and systems

Industry Communities
We actively participate in industry groups focused on specific horizontal or vertical markets, architectures, standards and trends, such as SNIA, STA, CXL Consortium, OpenPower, MEF and nBaseT

Platform Partners
Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), Joint Design Manufacturers (JDMs) and design houses that design and build boards, systems and platforms around our silicon

Solutions that Meet Your Data Center Requirements

We deliver some of the industry’s most reliable, high-performance, highly flexible, secure and feature-reach data center products. These cost-effective solutions are designed to ensure maximum uptime and improved response times to issues without compromising performance. With the growing need for enterprises to safeguard information and other confidential data, security is one of the highest priorities for data centers. Our maxCrypto™ controller-based encryption technology, secure boot and hardware root of trust offer peace of mind to your customers.

These features, along with our industry-leading support and comprehensive ChipLink development tool and maxView management accelerate your time to market, simplify ongoing management and provide generational compatibility to futureproof your investment. Discover how our data center products are the optimal choice for your data center’s operational continuity and management.