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Digital Programmable Gate Drivers

The AgileSwitch family of digital programmable gate drivers was designed to address the critical challenges that emerge in operating SiC and IGBT power devices at high switching frequencies. They are optimized for transportation and industrial applications including heavy-duty vehicles, auxiliary power units, charging, storage, inverters and induction heating.

AgileSwitch gate drivers feature Augmented Switching™ technology and robust short-circuit protection and are fully software configurable. They can switch up to 200 kHz and provide up to seven unique fault and monitoring conditions, including temperature and high-voltage monitoring. These digital programmable gate drivers provide a superior solution than standard analog drivers because they prevent false faults, mitigate ringing and reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), overshoot and undershoot in SiC and IGBT power devices.

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How Can Augmented Switching Technology Improve Your Design?

EMI is primarily caused by sharp edges on a digital signal. Smoothing out these edges improves EMI. Augmented Switching technology provides precise settings for turn-on and turn-off that soften the edges of a gate’s output. The analog circuitry in the gate driver and the external buffer will also help eliminate sharp edges. Augmented Switching technology also reduces voltage overshoot and ringing while optimizing a system’s efficiency, which also reduces EMI.

Solutions for Your Power Designs

SiC Gate Driver Cores

These high-performance and compact SiC cores offer advanced monitoring and fault reporting to enable better control and protection of most SiC MOSFET-based power systems.

Key Features:

  • Software configurable ±Vgs gate voltages
  • Patented Augmented Switching™ technology
  • Robust short circuit protection
  • High immunity to noise
  • Module adapter boards for most popular SiC MOSFET modules

SiC Plug-and-Play Gate Drivers

SiC MOSFETs need to be controlled the right way. Turn-off spikes, ringing and DSAT can permanently damage an expensive SiC device. AgileSwitch drivers control, monitor and protect your system with Augmented Switching technology and up to seven fault notifications and protections.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 62 mm SIC MOSFET modules
  • Software configurable to meet requirements of your application
  • Automotive-grade components
  • Temperature and isolated high-voltage monitoring

IGBT Gate Drivers

Our gate drivers are faster, more efficient and more reliable than competitive devices. They are RoHS and UL compliant and use automotive-grade components.

Key Features:

  • Two-level turn-off time and voltage level
  • Desaturation time and voltage level
  • Gate drive voltage +15V/−10V
  • Peak gate current ±30A
  • Suitable for IGBTs up to 3300V
  • Single-channel, 7W output power

Ready to Get Started?

Augmented Switching Accelerated Development Kits

Start testing and optimizing the performance of SiC devices and systems right out of the box with these essential hardware and software tools.

Intelligent Configuration Tools

Optimize your system with just a keystroke. You can adjust the settings for:

  • Patented Augmented Switching profiles
  • Fault reporting
  • On- and off-gate voltages
  • DC link and temperature trip levels

Quickly and easily characterize new devices:

  • No soldering required
  • Change driver settings from benchtop or in the field