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Take your design to a new level of capability and performance with PIC® and AVR® microcontroller (MCUs) that integrate Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), Intelligent Analog peripherals and a variety of input/output features. Every embedded system contains a combination of common functions, such as power conversion, motor drive, sensor or human interface and signal generation. Our flexible on-chip peripherals are an extremely cost-effective way to increase the capabilities of any control system and differentiate your product with less code. They also reduce power consumption, cut your development time and speed up your time to market.

Unleash Your Creativity with Core Independent Peripherals

Discover how you can use CIPs to quickly implement a variety of functions and applications in your next design, while freeing up the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to manage other tasks or go to sleep to save system power.

Connect to the World with Intelligent Analog Peripherals

Find out how easy it is to implement intelligent control with an MCU and save costs and board space by eliminating discrete analog components from your design.

Monitor and Control Other Devices with Input/Output Pins

Add flexibility and functionality to your design with the standard, advanced and special features that are available on the Input/Output (I/O) pins  of  PIC and AVR MCUs.

What Special Features and Functions Does Your Application Need?

Our Quick Reference Guides provide a quick overview of the Intelligent Analog, waveform control, logic and math, safety and monitoring, communications, user interface and low-power and system flexibility peripherals available on our families of PIC and AVR MCUs.