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Key Design Considerations

  • High performance and low power
  • CMOS image sensor interface
  • Limited PCB real estate
  • Low BOM cost

SAMA5D2, SAMA5D3 Benefits

  • Arm® Cortex®-A5 core and floating point unit (FPU) for accelerated image processing with power consumption less than 150 mW at 536 MHz operation
  • Seamless connection through the Image Sensor Interface (ISI) to CMOS sensors (up to 5 Mpix) with raw Bayer support
  • Compliant to USB suspend mode consumption target
  • Integrated External Bus Interface (EBI) with support for multiple memory types, on-chip Power-on Reset (POR) and simplified power sequence reduce need for external components
  • Small size, down to 8 × 8 mm 256 BGA package (0.4 mm pitch), accommodates limited board space