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Our portfolio of embedded and industrial controllers supports the unique requirements and long life cycles of embedded computing applications. In each category of products, you will find an array of devices that offer a variety of features including varying numbers of fan tachometers, PECI support, General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins and support for different interfaces and other options to meet your specific needs. They are also backed by our client-driven obsolescence practice of continuing to supply a product for as long as possible and while demand for the product exists, which means that these industry-leading products can support your requirements today and into the future.

Embedded and Keyboard Controllers

These high-performance, feature-rich and scalable embedded controllers offer common peripheral blocks and registers for flexible design.

Desktop and Industrial Super I/O

Our Super I/O combines legacy functions (serial port, parallel ports, PS2) with hardware monitoring and general-purpose I/O to reduce the number of chips required in your design.

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eSPI-to-LPC Bridge       

Take advantage of the power savings and speed improvements of the eSPI bus in your existing LPC industrial computing designs.

I/O Expansion and Legacy I/O

With up to 101 input-output pins in a single device, our I/O expansion and legacy I/O devices can be integrated into a variety of systems, allowing you to implement a variety of solutions with a single flexible device.