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A fundamental understanding of precision and accuracy, and how they relate to ADC specifications to enable the designer to quickly choose the right ADC for their application.

Robert Schreiber // Apr 13, 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must ensure safe experiences for visitors to their places of business. Learn how a leading Swiss-based IT innovator used our PoE Midspans for their real-time people monitoring solution. 

Shruti Usgaonkar // Apr 7, 2021

Critical Infrastructure providers can’t afford downtime and must rely on resilient solutions. This is also true of precise timing. New redundancy designs allow for the utmost flexibility – there is all to gain and nothing to compromise.

Eric Colard // Mar 31, 2021

Compression can help improve performance in the data center.

Ranya Daas // Mar 29, 2021

Balancing the needs of users and company ROI means deploying data center assets that deliver maximum performance and reliability while reducing capital and operating expenses. 

Marc Anthony // Mar 29, 2021

Headlining this month's roundup is a collection of SAM D designs. Also featured is a Ledsticker, an LED matrix used as a sticker, and Sparkle!

Microchip Technology // Mar 25, 2021

Simplify and reduce the BOM of designs with two digital voltage-domains using the MVIO on AVR® DB. 

Robert Perkel // Mar 19, 2021

Learn why our FPGA-based multi-axis motor control solution is the right fit for space and aviation applications.  

Apurva Peri // Mar 18, 2021

Get every last bit of performance out of your data center and build customer loyalty, improve productivity and give you an edge over slower-moving competitors.

Marc Anthony // Mar 12, 2021

Aligning the appropriate Microchip MCU and MPU families with our easy-to-use development tools enables developers to create optimal designs for predictive maintenance applications without the risks, higher system costs and slower time-to-market that may might encounter with less-integrated approaches.

Ivan Gatchev // Mar 11, 2021

Substations are going through major upgrades to much of their network infrastructure with the deployment of Ethernet and wide area communications.

Hayden Alves // Mar 2, 2021

Headlining the first roundup of 2021 is a quarter-sized Arduboy, some new boards from Tindie, and a couple crowdfunding campaigns. 

Microchip Technology Inc. // Feb 24, 2021

Secure updates, failure recovery, software provisioning, IP protection and cloud integration in a turnkey solution.

Sequitur Labs // Jan 28, 2021

PoE is a point-to-point technology and when PoE Power Forwarding is used, it allows an additional device to be cascaded in series to extend a single Ethernet run. 

Marty Pandola // Jan 26, 2021

DCM drives SAS link utilization to near 100% on 24G SAS initiator-expander and 24G SAS expander-expander links regardless of block sizes or mix of drive rates and media types.

Stephen Churchill // Jan 25, 2021

Another month, another batch of boards!

Microchip Technology Inc. // Jan 22, 2021

Rapidly evolving C5ISR requirements are becoming more stringent to address evolving adversary capabilities, driving tougher sync and timing specifications.

Stewart Hampton // Jan 18, 2021

An essential element of implementing security is taking a holistic approach that ensures not just that the overall system is protected, but that each individual device is protected as well. 

Tim Morin // Jan 14, 2021

The new inductive position sensor library enables you to download your next sensor design for free. Accurate, robust and affordable inductive positions sensors can be downloaded directly from Microchip.

Mark Smith // Jan 6, 2021

With SATA interfaces peaking in performance and no future speed improvments planned, Value SAS (vSAS) offers a solid replacement of enterprise SATA SSDs in most server applications.

Jeremiah Tussey // Dec 19, 2020

These fundamental elements must be realized in designing a versatile motion control system for space applications.  

Dorian Johnson // Dec 18, 2020

A handful of SAM D21 and SAM D51 boards headline the November 2020 list of hardware, including a new Adafruit Feather and a bug-shaped IoT wearable. 

Microchip Technology Inc. // Dec 16, 2020

CXL™ is the new open interface standard for latency sensitive processing in a data center. Highlights on the application details and use cases for moving data at 32GT/s are discussed in this article.

Tam Do // Dec 15, 2020

Learn about our broad range of FPGA design services solutions to elevate your design to the next level.

Apurva Peri // Dec 15, 2020

Microchip mPoE offers a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of PoE solutions comprised of PoE ICs and PoE systems (midspans/injectors and switches) to reliably power network access control systems. 

Shruti Usgaonkar // Dec 10, 2020

Our PIC18-Q41 family addresses analog system design challenges and helps designers get to market quickly.

Stephanie Pinteric // Dec 9, 2020

Create programmable logic that operates outside the speed limitations of software execution using the PIC18-Q10 with its CLC modules for a more configurable and elegant design.  

Stephanie Pinteric // Dec 3, 2020

Moving from being a well-known systems vendor to a world class cloud services provider can be a daunting decision.  But, for Wortmann AG it was a natural next-step of their evolution.

Microchip Technology Inc. // Dec 1, 2020

When adding keypad functionality to a project, the PIC16F15244 family can offload I/O tasks from the main MCU, saving I/O lines while not compromising on features.

Robert Perkel // Nov 23, 2020

New hardware from Arduino, SparkFun, and Adafruit headline this month’s roundup. Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest boards and kits to emerge over the last couple of weeks.

Microchip // Nov 21, 2020

Microchip’s PIC16F15244 family controls a 7-segment display directly, saving I/O and power dissipation in the main MCU

Robert Perkel // Nov 16, 2020

Microchip’s new PSE chipsets are specifically designed for the many applications of the sub 30W PoE market segment. Keep reading to learn why. 

Marty Pandola // Nov 10, 2020

It’s almost that time of year again, the time for your New Year’s resolution! This year we’re adding some more inspiration behind the big commitment we all dread — the one to exercise more.

Shridhar Channagiri // Nov 10, 2020

Packed with several Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) including the segmented LCD driver with autonomous animation, that can function in power-saving modes, the PIC24F ‘GU/GL’ MCUs offer eXtreme low power operation for power-conscious designs. These MCUs simplify designing a range of applications from Cloud connected low power edge nodes to sensor nodes operating in harsh environments.

Gaurav Chawla // Nov 4, 2020

I/O expanders can be emulated using an MCU, like the new PIC16F15244 family, helping yield more design flexibility, features and even lower Bill of Materials (BOM).

Robert Perkel // Nov 2, 2020

Read this article to learn about the benefits of using the dsPIC33 DSC refrigerator compressor reference design.

Sanal Varghese // Oct 29, 2020

Learn how a single channel temperature sensor family with integrated NVM registers can help.

Bryce Morgan // Oct 27, 2020

From a few new Adafruit and SparkFun boards to recently launched crowdfunding campaigns, here’s a recap of the latest hardware to emerge last month. 

Microchip Technology // Oct 26, 2020

In this article on the Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) performance during rapid temperature change, learn how time error can be calculated from published aging rates.

Will Krzewick // Oct 20, 2020

Learn how to write bare metal C code quickly and understand the drivers generated by MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC).  

Glen Nilsen // Oct 14, 2020

Second generation PIC32MK Series of 32-bit MCUs, Tailor Made for Precision Motor Control, Industrial and Automotive Applications

Brett Novak and Sonia Sethi // Oct 11, 2020

Kick-start your 32-bit embedded applications with Microchip’s most versatile Arm® Cortex®-M4, SAME51J20A Microcontroller (MCU) based SAM E51 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit.

Sonia Sethi // Oct 10, 2020

The SAM-IoT Development Board Rapidly Connects Your 32-bit IoT Embedded Application to Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud IoT Core

Sonia Sethi  // Oct 8, 2020

Microchip multi-Power over Ethernet (mPoE) technology solves interoperability issues between different standards and legacy solutions and eliminates the dependency on AC infrastructure and its variations to provide an international network power standard.   

Helder Resende // Oct 1, 2020

The new ultra-low-power, highly integrated WLR089U0 LoRa modules greatly simplify the development of remote IoT applications.  

Ramya Kota // Sep 29, 2020

Exploring a variety of RF circuits including power amplifier applications — such as GSM and CDMA cellular base stations, radar, CATV and portable radio devices as well as RF oscillators and filters found in wireless applications, such as wireless microphones and radios.

Denise Turic // Sep 28, 2020

COTS-to rad-tolerant devices products provide unique, scalable solutions to address the New Space Challenges.

Nicolas Ganry // Sep 24, 2020

From its not-so-humble beginnings in the early 1990s, the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus has expanded from its automotive and industrial roots to connect and interconnect control systems in some of the most dynamic industries on earth (and beyond). 

Tim Bresien // Sep 21, 2020

Well, summer may be winding down but the PCB designs continue to heat up! Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen an assortment of new hardware emerge — ranging from development boards in unusual form factors to crowdfunding campaigns on Crowd Supply, GroupGets, and Kickstarter.

Microchip Technology // Sep 15, 2020

Satellite electronics designers who have struggled with weight and board space restrictions will now be able to meet these stringent requirements thanks to our radiation hardened ICs.

Dorian L. Johnson // Sep 15, 2020

Virtual Primary Reference Timing Clock (vPRTC) is a new concept for a highly secure and protected network-based timing architecture developed to meet the expanding needs of modern critical infrastructures. 

Barry Dropping // Sep 10, 2020
Learn to identify different types of jitter and how to filter/remove them to reduce the overall Bit Error Rate (BER) in your system.
David Chandler // Sep 9, 2020
Learn about development kits for accelerated FPGA application prototyping.
Apurva Peri // Sep 2, 2020

While there are many different sources of noise within an operational amplifier, perhaps the most mysterious and frustrating noise source is what is known as flicker noise. How does one deal with this dominating, low frequency noise? If 1/f noise is a big concern, then selecting a zero-drift amplifier is the best solution.

Kevin Tretter // Sep 1, 2020

Learn how cattle tracking systems enable farmers to increase heard output and overall wellness. 

Sani Ronen // Aug 27, 2020

Learn how the chip scale atomic clock (CSAC) performs in a rapidly changing thermal environment.

Will Krzewick // Aug 25, 2020
Enhanced PRTC requires careful planning and commissioning.
Eric Colard // Aug 21, 2020

Take one look around online communities, crowdfunding sites and marketplaces, and it won’t be difficult to find countless pieces of hardware powered by Microchip technology. 

Microchip // Aug 11, 2020
Attached Devices: Form factors, connectors and backplanes. Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) addresses the growing memory bandwidth and capacity needs for processors to accelerate high-speed computing applications. Learn how leveraging existing PCIe 5.0 protocols will help the industry quickly transition to take advantage and adopt these new capabilities enabled by CXL.
Sandeep Dattaprasad // Aug 6, 2020

Our Data Center Solutions team has invested in a comprehensive and intuitive toolset that can help speed up your time to market.

Stephen Churchill // Aug 6, 2020
The MPLAB® Analog Designer is an easy-to-use online tool to start your PD power supply design.
Marty Pandola // Aug 6, 2020

NVMe SSD deployments are surging, fueling the need for new capacities, performance, power, connectivity and form factors.  Here’s what you need to know about emerging form factors available for your new design.

William Cheng // Aug 5, 2020

We can help you leverage Power over Ethernet (PoE) advantages for all IoT outdoor applications...

Galit Mendelson // Jul 29, 2020

From crowdfunding sites and online marketplaces to hardware communities and social media, you can’t go far without stumbling upon a new design with a Microchip microcontroller at its core. Continuing on with our monthly series, here’s the next batch of boards that caught our attention in recent weeks.  

Microchip // Jul 20, 2020

32-bit microcontrollers offer functional safety solutions for home, industrial and automotive applications. 

David Arnold // Jul 9, 2020
The importance of Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) is growing – due to the need for systems to acquire distributed data and provide localized monitoring and diagnostics. That leaves designers to evaluate whether they should choose a microcontroller with an integrated ADC to meet these requirements or if they should use a standalone ADC. Read about how to evaluate the use cases of integrated ADCs vs. standalone ADCs.
Iman Chalabi // Jul 7, 2020

Enterprise server solution providers must deliver enterprise class solutions with the required performance, security and reliability in a cost-effective manner. 

Marwa Hamour // Jul 1, 2020
With the rapid growth of the 5G cellular infrastructure, growing networks and data centers supporting expanding cloud computing, developers need new ways to ensure operating systems remain secure and uncompromised.
Eileen Marando and Jeannette Wilson // Jun 30, 2020

FPGAs have surfaced as the platforms of choice for many new-age applications owing to their lower latency, configurability and power efficiency.

Apurva Peri // Jun 29, 2020

Serial-attached memory solutions using Compute Express Link have many benefits compared to parallel interfaces and can be used to replace or augment parallel memory solutions.

Ahmad Danesh // Jun 24, 2020
Adapt your analog domain knowledge to the latest digital systems and work with developers to implement competitive product features.
Microchip // Jun 24, 2020

Add end-to-end embedded security to your next application using our embedded products.

Sonia Sethi // Jun 18, 2020

Our ecosystem not only provides an array of logic performance options, but also a software toolchain that can enable unprecedented opportunities for code reuse and a learning curve that allows designers and developers to... 

Microchip // Jun 16, 2020

We have developed an ecosystem of development hardware and software that not only eases the burdens of early design, but also enables a seamless transition to the production of embedded electronics. 

Microchip // Jun 13, 2020

With modern MCUs/DSCs, IDEs, and an ecosystem of software libraries, code examples, application notes, reference designs, and development/evaluation boards, even novice motor control designers can rapidly develop and deploy professional solutions without having to...

Microchip // Jun 11, 2020

This great discovery tool provides an encompassing overview of all of our analog and interface products. Once the presentation is open, a product line can be viewed by clicking on the box of interest and can then be drilled down to learn individual product details.

Romina Toska // Jun 9, 2020

We offer MCUs, sensors, and development tools that allow for lower-cost sensor modules in smaller footprints, and eases development costs with richly featured development boards compatible with modular sensor boards.

Microchip // Jun 5, 2020

“One size fits all” is becoming less of a viable electronic product strategy, be it for consumer or industrial applications. Flexibility and customizability of a user’s electronics is the new design paradigm. Every year, common electronic product categories are merging, gaining features and becoming more user oriented. Though multiplying features in electronics is the norm in the industry, the pace and number of features being implemented in the latest designs is accelerating. For electronic device designers and developers, this means that they now need to incorporate more features in the same, or even smaller, space as a previous design.

Microchip // Jun 4, 2020

Just like consumers and end users of products, design engineers and developers are also seeking more options, flexibility and support from their hardware and software tool suppliers. We can help.

Microchip Technology Inc. // May 28, 2020

The use of zero-drift amplifiers continues to grow due to the superior dc precision that these devices offer. However, there is a downside to this performance – time domain limitations.  

Kevin Tretter // May 27, 2020

We offer a host of hardware, software, third-party, and training solutions to help developers rapidly make pace with modern embedded graphics and accelerate time-to-market with graphics electronics.

Microchip // May 21, 2020

The demand for analyzing data at the edge is a growing product requirement. Computing at the edge device instead of the cloud means that…. 

Prasanna Obala Bhuvanesh // May 19, 2020

Take one look around online communities, crowdfunding sites and marketplaces, and it won’t be difficult to find countless pieces of hardware powered by Microchip technology. 

Microchip // May 16, 2020
We offer several unique hardware and software solutions that aid real-time control designers in mitigating challenges and enable the development of competitive industrial electronic products.
Microchip // May 14, 2020
A family of products that can be configured for multiple use applications.
Eric Colard // May 11, 2020

The new age of universal connectivity has created a need for simple and secure solutions to connect to the cloud within a variety of embedded applications.

Microchip // May 9, 2020

Today, many companies, small and large, are realizing the critical importance of adding security from the start of product development, rather than as an afterthought.  

Abhinay Venuturumilli // May 7, 2020
Green initiatives are driving the transformation of power electronic system designs across major industries such as automotive, industrial, aerospace and defense. To reduce CO2 emissions, systems are moving toward electrification of power and motor applications.
Orlando Esparza // May 4, 2020
Microchip is an innovator and thought leader in PoE technology, as well as a major contributor to the IEEE 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt standards. 
Galit Mendelson // Apr 28, 2020
Microchip is an innovator and thought leader in PoE technology, as well as a major contributor to the IEEE 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt standards. 
Galit Mendelson // Apr 28, 2020

With the right range of screen size options in the appliance touch screen controller family, appliance touch screen designs are more scalable, which ultimately shortens design time, and lowers system and development cost. 

Stephan Thaler and Chad Solomon // Apr 14, 2020

Jumpstart your next embedded product from proof of concept to production with our Arm® Cortex® M0+ based SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit.  

Sonia Sethi // Apr 7, 2020
Our digital ceiling switch is unique as it enables IT managers to control and optimize power utilization in the most energy-efficient manner.
Galit Mendelson // Mar 31, 2020
New Hello FPGA kit makes it easy to implement out of the box designs.
Apurva Peri // Mar 26, 2020
Take one look around online communities, crowdfunding sites and marketplaces, and it won’t be difficult to find countless pieces of hardware powered by Microchip technology. 
Microchip Technology // Mar 24, 2020

Learn how our innovations build an agile infrastructure of compute, memory and storage and also how technology advancements that both the industry and vendors like us are enabling to meet the needs of a composable platform.

Andrew Dieckmann // Mar 19, 2020
Learn the other measures that should be considered for protecting the storage platform, from creating a system of trust to implementing cryptographic obscurity. 
Jeff Plank // Mar 17, 2020
Adopting the proper design thinking approach, along with a culture that embraces prototyping and rapid iteration, can improve time to market while reducing the capital and human costs of product development.
Ward Andrews, CEO, Drawbackwards // Mar 11, 2020
Through cloud computing, microcontrollers can perform very resource-intensive computations by outsourcing the work.
Johan Lofstad // Mar 9, 2020
New architectures are needed to better utilize and optimize hardware assets spanning compute, memory and storage.
Andrew Dieckmann // Mar 6, 2020
Learn what attestation measurements are and how they help prove to the platform what firmware is running.
Jeff Plank // Mar 5, 2020

Our MPLAB® development ecosystem now supports AVR® and SAM devices including SAM MPUs

David Otten and Glen Nilsen // Feb 29, 2020

Designing a feature-rich tankless water heater based on a dsPIC® digital signal controller.

Theta Engineering // Feb 28, 2020
Let’s Explore the Plight of the Software Developer.
David Otten // Feb 22, 2020

This article discusses technology critical to the imaging systems used in veterinary care and our success in the veterinary ultrasound industry.

Jesse Nichols // Feb 21, 2020
Stephanie Pinteric // Feb 14, 2020
FlexE provides a layer of flexibility to close the gap between what networks require and the Ethernet rates that are standardized, while also enabling lower cost solutions.
Kevin So // Feb 13, 2020
In the first two parts of this series, we looked at multiple security threats in the server and storage industry. Now let’s look at some specific concerns and possible solutions to those problems. 
Jeff Plank // Feb 7, 2020

We are supporting a critical transition with an established ecosystem that leverages the demonstrated interoperability between our PM6010 DIGI-G5 OTN Processor and Acacia's AC1200 Coherent Module.

Microchip // Feb 6, 2020
FlexPort technology for saving time, money, and ease-of-use in deploying a precise IRIG time synchronization solution like the SyncServer S650 makes a lot of sense.
Paul Skoog // Feb 1, 2020
As the healthcare industry for animals continues to grow, a good ultrasound system has become inevitable for veterinarians. Read this article and learn about the different veterinary ultrasound requirements for large versus small animals.
Jesse Nichols // Jan 29, 2020

The GNSS signal has become increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of jamming and spoofing threats. Learn how you can provide signal visibility for better protection and security of GNSS reception.

Greg Wolff // Jan 15, 2020
The continued evolution of IoT technologies will push the boundaries of a smarter, more connected world.
Pravin Venkatraj // Jan 11, 2020

Do your A/C system design challenges have you feeling the heat? This article will help you solve them. 

Nelson Alexander // Jan 8, 2020

Attacks targeting your systems are disturbingly widespread – here's what you need to know. 

Jeff Plank // Jan 7, 2020

Attacks targeting your systems are disturbingly widespread – here's what you need to know. 

Jeff Plank // Jan 7, 2020
Securing the operational state of components has become an ever-increasing topic among the server and storage industry. While much of the industry has already secured the platforms upon which subcomponents operate, it’s important to understand that subcomponents are now the next step for applying a security model.
Jeff Plank // Dec 17, 2019

Smoke detector manufacturers will be required to have their new submissions meet new certification standards effective May 29, 2019 and to only manufacture their certified designs after May 29, 2020. We have developed integrated solutions to help enable our customers to implement the architectures to comply with the new requirements.

Art Eck // Dec 13, 2019
The building blocks of our digital era are smart, connected, secure and never tiring end devices. Applications ranging from consumer electronics to home appliances, industrial to automotive need a smart, connected and secure central computing unit. The attributes like high performance, flexibility, robustness, reliability, integrity and predictable response time are the key requisites for these applications.
Ankit Tripathi // Dec 11, 2019
In today’s automotive applications ISO26262 has become a critical element of passenger safety, as electric and electronic content has rapidly grown within cars. To help customers achieve the desired Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) certification, Microchip Technology’s dsPIC33 family is commonly used in digital power and motor control applications. Learn more.
Julie Ann Baker // Dec 8, 2019

The need to closely monitor currents in today’s electronics has increased over the years, as energy efficiency and safety have become major concerns. This article will focus specifically on the use of a shunt resistor to monitor current.

Kevin Tretter // Dec 6, 2019
Remote car access systems provide today’s drivers with a variety of convenience and safety benefits. As the top supplier of wireless PEPS ICs to Tier 1 automotive OEMs, Microchip is “key” to hands-free interaction with modern vehicles. We offer turnkey solutions with the highest level of security to support several features.
Microchip Technology Inc. // Dec 4, 2019