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Receiver ICs   

Microchip Receiver ICs are designed to meet the demands of low-cost, low power consumption RF data transmission systems. They fit a wide range of automotive, industrial, and customer applications including aftermarket keyless entry systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, telemetering, consumer/industrial remote control applications, home entertainment, access control systems, and security technology systems.

Designers can choose between two types of Smart RF receivers:

  • Microchip ATA8201 and ATA8202 – These UHF ASK/FSK transparent receiver ICs come in a 5 by 5-mm QFN24 package and support popular encryption protocols such as Keeloq®. The highly integrated design requires no RF components except for those needed for receiver antenna matching. ATA8201 has a receiving range of 313 to 317-MHz and ATA8201 supports a receiving range of 433 to 435-MHz.
  • Microchip ATA8203, ATA8204 and ATA8205 – These multi-chip Phase Locked Loop (PLL) receiver devices come in a SSO20 package and support data rates from 1 to 10Kb/s in Manchester or bi-phase code. ATA8203 supports a receiving range of 312.5 to 317.5MHz, ATA8204 supports a receiving range of 431.5 to 436.5MHzm, and ATA8205 supports a receiving range of 868 to 870MHz.
Device Description
ATA8201 UHF ASK/FSK Receiver 315MHz
ATA8202 UHF ASK/FSK Receiver 433MHz
ATA8203 Industrial UHF ASK/FSK Receiver 315MHz
ATA8204 Industrial UHF ASK/FSK Receiver 433MHz
ATA8205 Industrial UHF ASK/FSK Receiver 868MHz
ATA8210 Sub-1GHz RF Receiver with embedded AVR microcontroller (additional Flash Option)
ATA8215 Sub-1GHz RF Receiver with embedded AVR microcontroller