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Embedded Wireless

RF Remotes

The Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) unlicensed Sub-GHz radio frequency bands are used for many short-range, low-data-rate, and low-power wireless applications. Microchip provides stand-alone transceivers and receiver products along with our family of rfPIC® transmitter with embedded PIC® microcontroller.



Microchip offers industry-leading performance for RF devices operating in the license-free ISM frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 868 to 928 MHz, 433 MHz, and 315 MHz). Our devices support both unidirectional or bidirectional data communication to meet target proprietary and standard based wireless applications such as smart metering, alarm systems, home automation and the increasing Internet-Of-Things (IoT) applications.


RF Identification

RFID involves contactless reading and writing of data into an RFID tag's nonvolatile memory through an RF signal. Low frequency RFID devices typically consist of a transponder (tag) and reader. To help you reach the extensive vertical markets that rely on RFID, we offer a broad range of contactless products. Our transponders operate within the 100 to 150kHz bandwidth range. Our RFID chips are suitable for the smallest devices and require NO external components, lowering your tag costs.

IR Control

Microchip provides a complete family of ICs for the use in IR receiver modules. These IR control products offer excellent performance in bright light or disturbed environment (e.g. inverter lamps or fluorescence lamps) due to a special regulation concept. End applications include consumer products such as TV, VCR, audio systems, cameras, air conditioners and toys.