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TrustCUSTOM Platform

Add Custom Key Storage to Any Embedded Design

If you have already reviewed our Trust&GO and TrustFLEX options and determined that you need more customization for your secure element, then the TrustCUSTOM platform is the best choice. It enables you to implement and fully customize secure key storage in your design. You will start with a blank ATECC608B-TCSM or ATSHA204A-TCSM secure element and use our tools to configure it to meet your specific security authentication requirements. At the end of the process, you will be able to order your devices and securely provision them by leveraging our Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) that are installed in our secure factories.

What Are the Benefits of Using TrustCUSTOM Devices?

Service Plan Logo - TrustCustom
  • Offers a customizable platform that can be adapted to meet the requirements of the vast majority of secure authentication models
  • Provides cloud authentication based on certificate or token, accessories authentication, IP protection, firmware validation, message signing, secure boot with attestation, key rotation and many other use cases
  • Optimizes your costs by using the provisioning infrastructure that is integrated into our factories
  • Significantly reduces your development time with complete code examples, the TrustCUSTOM configurator and TrustCUSTOM secret package exchange
  • Features a Minimum Orderable Quantity (MOQ) of 4,000 units for provisioned devices to meet the production needs of even the smallest projects

Ready to Get Started with TrustCUSTOM?

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Before getting started, please review our Trust&GO or TrustFLEX platforms to verify if they cover your configuration requirements. The TrustCUSTOM summary data sheet is available here.

Step 2: Establish contact with our sales organization either directly or via one of our distribution partners to set up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Step 3: Buy the Trust Platform hardware.

Step 4: Study and download our CryptoAuthLib library.

Step 5: Request TrustCUSTOM design tool by submitting a support ticket

Step 6: Once your configuration is complete, tested and working, submit a support ticket to request the secret package exchange.

If you need extra help, choose from one of our recommended design partners to assist with your customization.