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CryptoMemory (2.7V - 5.5V)

Voltage Range: 2.7V-5.5V. Memory Density: 1-kbit to 256-kbit.

CryptoMemory chips are equipped with a 64-bit embedded hardware encryption engine, four sets of nonreadable, 64-bit authentication keys, and four sets of nonreadable, 64-bit session encryption keys. A cryptographic algorithm encrypts data and passwords, and generates message authentication codes, providing a secure place where information remains safe — even under attack.

CryptoMemory chips can connect to virtually any microcontroller. Microchip offers interface software free of charge for quick implementation. The chips provide standard communication interfaces to microcontrollers and off-the-shelf readers that include a synchronous 2-wire interface (TWI) and an asynchronous interface (ISO 7816-3 in T=0 Mode) for smartcard applications. All CryptoMemory chips are pin-compatible with Microchip’s serial EEPROMs, allowing for security updates without a design overhaul.