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Create Bluetooth® Low Energy Connected Devices in Seconds

Streamline the creation of your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected design. The AVR-BLE and PIC-BLE development boards bring together the low-power, reliable performance of AVR® and PIC® microcontrollers (MCUs) with the widespread compatibility of a BLE module. This combination of solutions provides you with the fastest path to creating a user-friendly wireless product that your customers will love.

AVR-BLE Development Board (DT100111)

DT100111 AVR BLE Board Photo

PIC-BLE Development Board (DT100112)

DT100112 PIC BLE Board Photo


Put the powerful ATmega3208 MCU at the core of your next BLE design.

Create a BLE design that runs on the eXtreme Low Power (XLP) PIC16LF18456 MCU.

AVR-BLE and PIC-BLE Key Features

  • The choice is yours: Select either the AVR-BLE board with an ATmega3208 MCU or the PIC-BLE board with a PIC16LF18456 MCU (PIC-BLE).
  • Turnkey wireless solution: Skip the paperwork with the fully certified RN4870 BLE module
  • Bells and whistles: Use the on-board accelerometer, temperature sensor and secure element to add functionality before you even reach for a breadboard
  • Complete package: Take advantage of the on-board programmer and debugger that seamlessly integrate with MPLAB® X and Atmel Studio Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)*
  • Pre-configured for development: Start visualizing temperature and accelerometer data as soon as you open the box through a pre-configured custom interface on the LightBlue® app
  • Expand your design: Plug a MikroElektronika Click board™ into the on-board mikroBUS™ headers to add sensors, touch, displays and many more features

*MPLAB X IDE supports development with PIC, AVR and SAM devices; Atmel Studio supports development with AVR and SAM devices only.

Learn More About Each Board


Select either an AVR or PIC MCU to easily connect your device over BLE.

Learn More: AVR MCU Learn More: PIC MCU


Skip the paperwork with RN4870 BLE module, which is Bluetooth 5 certified and optimized for ease of implementation.

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Take advantage of the ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ secure element to protect your device through encryption and authentication.

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Get Started Now

Just follow these easy steps and you will be able to view temperature and accelerometer data as soon as you open the box:

  • Download and install the LightBlue app to your smartphone
  • Power your development board through the micro USB cable or a CR2032 battery  
  • Open the LightBlue app and select the AVR-BLE or PIC-BLE peripheral
  • Use the custom interface to explore your board