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USB-C® Power Delivery Controllers

Initially developed as a data interface, the ubiquitous and interoperable USB port has evolved to become the primary connector for charging mobile electronic devices. To further enhance the functionality of this port, the USB Type-C® standard enables a single cable to support USB 3.1 data transfer speeds, up to 100W of power for device charging and Alternative Modes (Alt Modes) for transmitting graphics and video signals.

Our flexible, cost-effective and low-risk USB-C solutions can be combined with our USB hubs and Embedded Controllers (ECs) to offer a complete Power Delivery (PD) solution for notebook and desktop computers, monitors, docking stations, smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, printers, point-of-sale terminals, automotive breakout boxes and other applications.

Why Choose One of Our USB-C Power Delivery Controllers?

  • Transform the user experience for your product: add a single connection for USB 3.1 data transfer speeds, up to 100W of power and support for other non-USB protocols
  • Meet your specific design requirements: select a device with the options you need for your basic to full-featured product
  • Speed up battery charging times: leverage USB PD for faster charging of your device
  • Stay ahead of a dynamic market: choose a flexible solution that supports a wide variety of applications and markets

*USB Type-C® and USB-C® are registered trademarks of USB Implementers Forum