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Home Appliance

Appliance manufacturers face numerous challenges in today’s ever-changing global market. Government regulations, customer expectations, competitive forces and application innovations are fueling the integration of new technologies into many appliances. Bringing these technology advancements to market can be even more challenging with shorter deadlines, the pressure to maintain and grow market share and the constant need to innovate. In addition, finding partners with technical solutions to enable these goals can be daunting and drain your resources.

Our technology can help you implement the new features and functionality required for your next appliance design. By providing our solutions for user interface, motor control, sensing, connectivity and more, your design teams can focus on implementing the application.

Get help with your home appliance design

We are here to support you. Contact our Client Success Team to get assistance with your design.

Speed Up Your Development with Our Connected Home Reference Designs

Our Connected Home reference designs provide you with the circuit schematics, Gerber files, Bills of Materials (BOMs) and software to create a variety of connected home, smart appliances or smart energy designs.

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