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Appliance manufacturers face numerous challenges in today’s ever-changing global market. Government regulations, customer expectations, competitive forces and application innovations are fueling the integration of new technologies into many appliances. Bringing these technology advancements to market can be even more challenging with shorter deadlines, the pressure to maintain and grow market share and the constant need to innovate. In addition, finding partners with technical solutions to enable these goals can be daunting and drain your resources.

Microchip Technology can help you implement the new features and functionality required for your next appliance design. By providing Microchip's solutions for user interface, motor control, sensing, connectivity and more, your design teams can focus on implementing the application.


Microchip’s cost-effective tools enable your design to reach the market faster. Our free, award winning MPLAB® X Integrated Design Environment (IDE) provides a single development platform for all of our 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers and 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). Microchip makes it easy to develop your code and migrate to higher performance solutions as needed. Learning curves are minimized even when changing cores due to additional features, increased code size or the need for more computing power.

Microchip ARM® Cortex® M0+ devices are supported by the free Hitex Class-B Library. Download is available from the Hitex site at the following link: Microchip Hitex ARM Class-B Library

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