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Capacitive Touch Solutions for Buttons, Sliders, Wheels and Proximity

Turnkey Capacitive Touch Controllers and Microcontrollers with On-Chip Touch Peripherals

It’s time to add capacitive touch to the user interface in your next product. We offer two easy-to-implement options for creating buttons, sliders and wheels or enabling proximity detection that will enhance your product’s user experience. With devices that support up to 64 buttons, our easy-to-configure turnkey touch controllers streamline the process of replacing mechanical buttons in your product. Or, you can choose one of our microcontrollers (MCUs) with dedicated Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), which offload the touch functionality from the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to free up system resources and reduce power consumption. Like our turnkey devices, these MCUs support both mutual- and self-capacitance measurements.

Where Can You Use Touch?

  • Control panels on cooktops, ovens, washers and other household appliances
  • Liquid level sensing in tanks and other containers
  • Touch on metal in waterproof and/or vandalism-proof designs
  • Media and audio controls on headphones and ear buds
  • Presence detection in earphones/earbuds, self-lacing shoes and other advanced consumer products
  • Medical device controls without openings for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Hands on Detection (HoD) and other safety features using buttons, sliders, wheels and touchpads on steering wheels
  • Proximity detection in car door handles to lock and unlock a car
  • Proximity detection to implement automotive backlighting

Two Technology Platforms for Your Design

We offer two easy-to-implement options for creating buttons, sliders and wheels or enabling proximity detection that will enhance your product’s user experience:

Microcontrollers with On-Chip Touch

Many of our 8- and 32-bit MCUs feature on-chip touch sensing hardware available as a CIP. These peripherals enable capacitive touch at no extra cost since you will need at least one MCU for your design anyway. Touch is easily integrated with your application code. It doesn’t matter whether your code is 4 KB or 1 MB in size. We have a variety of MCUs that can handle a capacitive touch interface in addition to everything else you need done.

Touch MCU Block Diagram
  • Wide range of 8-, 16- and 32-bit MCUs with dedicated on-chip touch peripherals
  • Touch library, code configurators and software tools to customize your application

Turnkey Touch Controllers

These application-specific devices require no programming. Just connect one to your touch sensor and the host MCU of your choice to provide high-quality, hassle-free touch right out of the box. Use one of our MCUs and generate the host communication firmware with our code configurators to make your system bring-up even faster and simpler.

Turnkey Touch Block Diagram
  • Ready-to-use solutions with dedicated touch functionality
  • No programming expertise needed
  • Fastest and easiest way to upgrade to touch

These robust and proven solutions offer reliable performance in even the most challenging applications and support capacitive touch on glass, plastics and wood. We also offer Metal over Capacitive (MoC) support for touch-on-metal surfaces. If your design needs to function in a wet or outdoor environment, you can use our products and touch libraries for MCUs to create water-tolerant or waterproof keypads and other interfaces. They can even support touch through gloved fingers.

Selecting a Technology Platform

Touch FeatureTurnkey Touch
Plus Touch Library
No coding required 
Buttons/slider/wheel/proximity support
Number of buttons64100+
2D touchpad support with surface gesture detection 
Water-tolerant touch

(buttons, sliders, touchpads)
Low-power operation
Low-power flat rate (power consumption not dependent on button count) 
Ultra-low-power touch wake up 
Automotive qualified (silicon, noise, emissions) 
IEC 60730 Home Appliance Class B Safety certified touch
Boost mode (quadrupled sensing speed or doubled SNR) 
Automatic Sensitivity Adaption (ASA) 
Code configurator for easy code development 
WLCSP package 
Capacitive self sensing
Capacitive mutual sensing

Why Choose Microchip as Your Touch Partner?

Our portfolio of products offers these key performance and design advantages:;

Noise Robust-Gray

Noise-Robust Touch

  • IEC 61000-4-6 for conducted noise level 3 and higher
  • Automotive Bulk Current Injection (BCI)
  • Emissions/CISPR-25
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), radiated noise
Noise Robust Touch

Automotive Touch

  • Automotive design center
  • Functional Safety design center
  • Automotive touch MCUs
  • Proven ISO 26262 touch provider
Functional Safety Ready Icon
Automotive Touch
Safety Touch-Gray

Home Appliance Safety

Home-Appliance Safety

True Water-Tolerant Touch

  • Rain tolerant for outdoor use
  • No lock-out; touch remains functional despite the presence of water
  • Waterproof touch with Metal Over Capacitive (MOC) technology
True Water-Tolerant Touch
Microchip Logo

Long-Term Touch Provider

  • Using a proven and reliable touch supplier mitigates your risk
  • More than 20 years of experience in touch technology
  • Solutions for all touch use cases
Long-Term Touch Provider

Ease of Use

  • Global support in your local language
  • Code configurators to speed up your development
  • Free tutorials and design resources on our Developer Help site
Ease of Use Touch
High Button Count-Gray

Very High Button Count

  • Feeding line length compensation, parasitic suppression
  • Boost mode touch
  • Reduced chip count = lower costs
Very High Button Count

Low Power Consumption

  • Low power flat rate < 5 μA
  • Power consumption doesn’t increase with higher button count
Low-Power Consumption Touch