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With the combination of PIC®, AVR®, and Arm® Cortex® based microcontrollers, Microchip offers the most comprehensive portfolio of microcontrollers suitable for use in automotive applications.  With unparalleled features, automotive systems designers can find the right products for the most innovative solutions.

8-bit MCUs

For years, Microchip has been the leading supplier of 8-bit microcontrollers in the industry and now with the addition of the AVR line of microcontrollers, our position is unmatched.

Features that set us apart in the automotive industry include:

  • Core Independent Peripherals
  • Intelligent Analog
  • 5V Operation
  • eXtreme Low Power (XLP)
  • Small Form Factors
  • High-Temperature Operation (150°C)
  • Functional Safety Features
  • Advanced Connectivity

16-bit MCUs and Digital Signal Controllers

In addition to the 16-bit PIC24 MCU families, Microchip offers the 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers, which are MCUs with an integrated digital signal processor.  

Key features that make these products well-suited for automotive applications include:

  • Motor Control Peripherals with fast and flexible PWMs
  • Digital Power Conversion for tight control loops
  • Single-Cycle 16X16 MAC and 40-bit Accumulators for math-intensive applications
  • High-Temperature Operation (150°C)
  • Functional Safety Features
  • Advanced Connectivity

32-bit MCUs

Microchip’s 32-bit MCU offerings for the automotive industry include PIC and Arm Cortex based MCUs.

Key features include:

  • High Performance (up to 1500 CoreMarks)
  • Advanced Memory Architecture
  • Advanced Connectivity
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Floating Point Units
  • Functional Safety Features