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USB Products for Automotive Applications 

USB technology is improving the user experience in modern vehicles. When you are looking for products that are at the forefront of USB technology in the automotive industry, we provide a leading portfolio of automotive-qualified (AEC-Q100) USB solutions that will enable you to bring your designs quickly and easily to market. Our products include USB hub ICs that support USB 3.1 (SuperSpeed USB) or USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed USB) data transfer, power delivery solutions that can be used for device charging only or for USB data and charging applications, and Flash media card readers that are available as standalone devices or as integrated USB hub combo devices.

These optimized chip solutions come with evaluation boards, application examples, schematics and gerber files that will simplify your design process. Innovative, patented features like USB device/host swapping support driver assistance applications like Apple ® CarPlay®, Android™ Auto and Baidu CarLife for use with mobile handsets. Extensive USB IO bridging capabilities allow you to engineer your systems for field updates as well as control of power circuitry.

With our long history as a supplier of USB products, we offer solutions that ensure USB compliance and device interoperability to reduce your design risk. Our USBCheck™ service allows you to verify your design and layout prior to sending off your PCB for manufacturing, and our world-wide automotive application and production support team is always available to assist you with bringing your product to market.


Automotive USB Portfolio

USB 3.1/SuperSpeed USB
(5 Gbps)

Upgrade your USB system to 5 Gbps with the USB70xx family of devices. It offers integrated power delivery circuitry and a 32-bit microcontroller to provide advanced charging and leading performance.

USB 2.0/Hi-Speed USB
(480 Mbps)

Choose from our ULPI transceivers, switches and four generations of hubs to find the optimal feature set for implementing driver assistance, battery charging (BC1.2), a card reader or power delivery in your application. Example products include:

Power Delivery and Charging

With the advent of new specifications by the USB-IF, a USB Type C™ port can now be used to charge up to 100W. Learn about our solutions for charging only or USB data and charging, as well as our highly integrated hub and power delivery combo device:

Explore an Application

Microchip’s automotive-qualified USB products can be effectively used in a variety of infotainment applications. Visit our Automotive Infotainment design center to learn how to get started with your project.