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MOST® - Media Oriented
Systems Transport

The Automotive Information Backbone

Microchip is a leading provider of Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST®), the de-facto standard for high-bandwidth automotive multimedia networking.

Cars continue to evolve into sophisticated consumer electronics platforms, increasing the demand for reliable and simple solutions to support audio, video and data communications. MOST can be used to connect multiple consumer devices via optical or electrical physical layers directly to one another or in a network configuration. As a synchronous network, MOST provides excellent Quality of Service and seamless connectivity for audio/video streaming.

MOST defines the protocol, hardware and software layers necessary to allow for the efficient and low-cost transport of control, real-time and packet data using a single medium (physical layer). Media currently in use are fiber optics, unshielded twisted pair cables (UTP) and coax cables. MOST also supports various speed grades up to 150 Mbps.

  • Uses a single interconnection to transport audio, video, data and control information
  • Supports different physical layers (fiber-optic, UTP, coax)
  • Supports 25, 50 and 150 Mbps
  • Provides the connectivity backbone to network a variety of multimedia interfaces

On the leading edge of the latest innovations in MOST technology, Microchip is the one-stop shop for approved MOST solutions. Its combination of highly integrated mixed-signal integrated circuits and real-time, object-oriented network management software provide the resources needed to implement a complete MOST system design. Leveraging the extensive knowledge and experience gained through many years of product design and development, many of Microchip's solutions support all three speed grades of MOST.

For more information on MOST, visit the MOST Cooperation website www.mostcooperation.com.