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8-Bit MCUs

PIC® MCU Families 

Simplify your design process with the industry's most capable and easy to use 8-bit MCUs. Regardless of your design requirements, we have a product family that will meet your needs. PIC® MCUs have configurable Core Independent Peripherals that efficiently handle tasks in hardware greatly reducing reliance on interrupt service routines. Additionally, a wide range of memory and standard pinouts provide easy migration to meet changing needs.

PIC16 MCU Families

PIC16F18446 Family

Simplify the design of your sensor node application using this low-power, small form factor microcontroller with intelligent analog and Core Independent Peripherals.

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PIC16F19197 Family

Include sophisticated user interfaces in battery-powered devices with high-segment LCD drive, touch sensing and eXtreme low power (XLP) technology.

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PIC16F15386 Family

With a large variety of package and memory options, this is the most powerful launching point for your first PIC-based microcontroller project.

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PIC16F18346 Family

Build low-power closed-loop control systems with configurable hardware using Core Independent Peripherals.

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PIC16F1779 Family

Multiple channels of closed-loop power conversion simplify the design of intelligent LED dimming and multi-output power supplies.

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PIC16F18877 Family

Realize real-time control and functional safety with this family which offers Core Independent Peripherals and the largest memory available on a PIC16 device.

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PIC16F1619 Family

Simplify the design of Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control systems and rotational sensors with a powerful math accelerator and angular timer.

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PIC16F1709 Family

Integrate signal conditioning or customize analog control loops with intelligent analog including on-board op amps and high-speed comparators.

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PIC12F1572 Family

Put sophisticated waveform generation and LED color control into your smallest closed-loop control applications.

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PIC18 MCU Families

PIC18-Q41 Family

Improve your sensor node design with a low-pin-count family of MCUs that feature sophisticated analog peripherals and powerful Core Independent Peripherals for small, high-performance data acquisition and sensor interfacing applications. 

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PIC18-Q43 Family

This family features our most versatile Core Independent Peripherals with advanced interconnection capabilities so you can effortlessly customize your sophisticated hardware design.

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PIC18-Q10 Family

Increase the speed and reliability of embedded control systems with a family of MCUs that features Intelligent Analog and a large selection of Core Independent Peripherals.

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PIC18-K83 Family

This family offers CAN communications combined with Core Independent Peripherals for real-time response in automotive and industrial applications.

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PIC18-K42 Family

Improve system response for complex single-chip control applications enabled by a combination of large memory and interconnectable Core Independent Peripherals.

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PIC18-K40 Family

Expand the capabilities of your system with this family of microcontrollers which offers up to five UARTs and large memory options.

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