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8-Bit MCUs

AVR® MCU Family

Complete your designs faster with AVR® MCUs. Their combination of easily customizable peripherals and the industry's most code-efficient architecture enable you to bring multiple functions to a single chip with minimal programming. AVR MCUs offer a unique combination of performance, power efficiency and design flexibility, optimized to reduce development time.

ATtiny1607 Family

Improve performance and reduce the complexity of your real-time control applications with high-speed analog and hardware-based Core Independent Peripherals.

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ATtiny3217 Family

Make embedded sensor nodes more responsive with dual Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) and operation at up to 5V.

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ATtiny1627 Family

Improve real-time performance with high-speed measurement, or measure small amplitude signals in harsh and noisy environments with the 12-bit differential ADC and Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA).

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ATmega4809 Family

Simplify the design of complex embedded control systems with super responsive configurable hardware and GUI-based rapid prototyping capabilities.

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AVR DA Family

Integrate next-generation capacitive touch or expand your design with a family of AVR® MCUs that was built with real-time control and functional safety in mind.

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AVR DB Family

Take advantage of the integrated level shifters and three highly configurable op amps to implement real-time control functionality in a variety of industrial control, home appliance, automotive, IoT and other applications.

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AVR MCU Resources

Ready to get started with AVR MCUs?

Choose an Xplained development board to quickly turn your ideas into prototypes using Atmel Studio.

Quick Reference Guide

Compare all AVR devices at once with our Quick Reference Guide.