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8-Bit MCUs

8051 Microcontrollers

Proven Technology for an Array of Embedded Applications

Protect the longevity of your 8051-based design by integrating one of our 8051 microcontrollers (MCUs) into your product. While other suppliers have exited this market, we continue to offer an extensive portfolio of proven 8051 devices. Our practice of client-driven obsolescence means that, when possible, we will continue to supply these devices for as long as you need them for use in your new designs as well as in your legacy products. From 8-bit MCUs based on the low-power, single-cycle AT89LP core, to MCS-51® industry-standard socket drop-in devices, our 8051 products all feature advanced Flash technologies and a rich set of peripherals. Whatever your design requirements are, you have access to the latest solutions for 8051 technology.

Browse by Compatibility

Choose pin-to-pin compatible members from our popular AT89LP family to replace end-of-life competitor devices. This family provides binary-code level compatibility for 80C51-based applications, low power consumption and all the modern features and peripherals that 8051 MCUs have to offer. The AT89LP devices can dramatically boost performance by a factor of 6 to 12 times, up to 30 MIPS. To speed up your development, go to the tabbed section below to download the AT89LP Developer Studio Integrated

Browse by Core Application

Single-Cycle Core

Offering the latest in 8051 technology, these high-performance 8-bit MCUs execute most instructions in a single clock cycle. Application performance can be boosted to up to 30 MIPS throughput.

Flash In-System Programmable (ISP)

Offering a wide range of internal RAM configurations plus rich features such as interrupt controllers and timer/counters, the highly efficient design of these MCUs can help reduce system power consumption by bringing the clock frequency down to any value without data loss.


These powerful ROM-less 8051 MCUs are suitable for existing ROM-less applications that require a combination of performance, flexibility and power efficiency.



Designed for the wide and growing range of CAN applications, these MCUs are ideal for low-voltage designs within the automotive, medical device and industrial automation industries.


Built for today’s increasingly connected applications, our 8051 USB MCUs offer powerful interface options that are ideal for devices like Flash recorders, cameras and cell phones.

Lighting MCUs

Optimized for lighting control applications, these MCUs are a high-performance version of the 80C51 8-bit MCU in a low pin count package.