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PIC32MZ EF Family

Highest performance PIC32 with Floating point Unit (FPU) and advanced peripheral set

The PIC32MZ EF series with its high performance MCU and industry leading connectivity and peripheral options , has been created to empower embedded designers to rapidly build complex applications . Fully supported by the MPLAB® Harmony integrated software framework, which features software solutions to accelerate Graphics and Connectivity Application development. 

Key Features

  • 252 Mhz / 415 DMIPS Performance
  • Dual Panel Live Update Flash Up to 2MB  and 512KB RAM
  • Excellent  Connectivity Options (Hi-Speed USB, CAN, and 10/100 ENET)
  • Integrated Double Precision FPU accelerating performance in Process Intensive Applications.
  • Optional Full Featured Hardware Crypto Accelerator
  • Rich Peripheral Set
  • E-temp and AECQ-100 Grade 1 Qualification