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Waveform Control

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As Motor control and Digital power applications move deeper into mainstream, ease and precision of controllability of these systems with higher performance, reliability and variable speed is an absolute must.

PIC® Microcontrollers and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers contain innovative and fully programmable peripherals enabling motor control and digital power conversion applications such as Input Capture, Output Compare, 16-bit PWM’s, Motor control PWM’s, SMPS PWM’s, SCCP’s, MCCP’s , ADC triggered by PWM’s and QEI for a full range of complimentary waveforms and dedicated time base. The latest high-resolution SMPS PWMs with Fine Edge Placement (FEP) offering resolution as low as 250pS enables high switching frequency digital power conversion applications demanding very high efficiency.

16-bit Peripheral Integrated Analog Block Diagram
Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP)

Capture, Compare, PWM  module is a peripheral which allows the user to time and control different events. CCP module allows the user to select one of the three functionalities, input capture, output compare or PWM output. To learn more about the 3 functionalities :

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM):
PIC24F FRM - Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP, ECCP)
dsPIC33E/PIC24E FRM - High-Speed PWM

Application Note:
AN594 - Using the CCP Module(s)

CCP and ECCP Tips ‘n Tricks

Enhanced Capture/Compare/PWM (ECCP)

The Enhanced CCP (ECCP) differs from the regular CCP module in that it provides enhanced PWM functionality – namely, full-bridge and half- bridge support, programmable dead-band delay, and enhanced PWM auto-shutdown. To know more about the ECCP module, please read the following:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM):

PIC24F FRM - Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP, ECCP)


CCP and ECCP Tips 'n Tricks

Single Output CCP/ Multiple Output CCP

These are Capture, Compare, PWM, Timer (CCP) modules that provide the functionality of the Input Capture, Output Compare, and General Purpose Timer peripherals. Single output modules (SCCPs) provide only one PWM output and Multiple output modules (MCCPs) can provide up to six outputs. Learn more about these modules here:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM):

PIC24F FRM - Capture/Compare/PWM/Timer (MCCP, SCCP)

Tech Brief:

MCCP - Extending the Functionality for Low-Cost Motor Control Applications

Output Compare/PWM (OC/PWM)

The Output Compare/PWM module is primarily used to generate a single pulse or a series of pulses, like PWM, in response to selected time base events, by comparing the value of a selected time base with the value of one or two compare registers. Read more about OC/PWM’s here:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM):
dsPIC33/PIC24 FRM - Output Compare
dsPIC33/PIC24 FRM - Output Compare with Dedicated Timer
dsPIC33E/PIC24E FRM - Output Compare

Application Note:
AN2152 - Applications of the Peripheral Trigger Generator (PTG)

PIC24 Peripherals: Input Capture, Output Compare

Input Capture (IC)

Input Capture module is used to capture a timer value from an independent timer base upon an event on the input pin. The input capture features are useful in applications requiring frequency (time period) and pulse measurement. Read more about Input capture here:

Family Reference Manual Section (FRM):
PIC24H FRM - Input Capture
dsPIC33E/PIC24E FRM - Input Capture
dsPIC33F FRM - Input Capture

PIC24 Peripherals: Input Capture, Output Compare

Key Attributes

  • Higher Reliability
  • Lower Costs
  • Reduced footprint size
  • mproved signal integrity
  • Alleviates board noise
  • Accelerates Time to Market


Target Applications

  • Lighting
  • Motor control
  • Sensor interface applications
  • Medical and Digital Imaging
  • Filtering for signal conditioning


  • System Monitoring
  • High-precision measurement Equipment
  • Speech coding and processing
  • LCD monitors and Projectors
  • General Video applications

16-bit Video Channel