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dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ Family of Digital Signal Controllers

High-Performance Embedded | Measurement Control | Dual CAN | Functional Safety | Real-Time Control | Scalable

For demanding applications, the dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ family of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) offers up to 70 MIPS performance with very high peripheral integration and is optimized for real-time operations and measurement control. Offering the simplicity of a microcontroller, these DSCs feature a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) engine, a single-cycle 16 × 16 MAC unit and 40-bit accumulators to facilitate running high-speed precision control loops. This family is ideal for implementing math-intensive functions, such as DSP filtering of sensor inputs, and offers the right mix of features to address an array of automotive, industrial, medical and consumer applications.

The dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ DSCs are rated for operation up to 150°C ambient temperature for use in the most extreme automotive and industrial applications. For safety-critical applications, the DSCs include memory integrity check, fault monitoring and detection and a range of other features enabling functional safety compliance.

If your application requires wired or wireless connectivity, the dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ DSCs support a wide variety of communication protocols. These devices include up to two CAN modules, LIN, and other serial communication peripherals for wired applications. It is also easy to couple these DSCs with our Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and LoRa® modules for wireless connectivity and with our Ethernet and EtherCAT® controllers for wired connectivity.

Key Features of the dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ Family of DSCs

Key Features Description
Up to 150°C Operation Robust operation in extreme operating conditions and AEC Q100 Grade 0 qualified
High Analog Integration Features 1.1 Msps 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), high-bandwidth op amps and high-speed comparators that reduce external component requirements and BoM cost
Robust Connectivity Features up to two CAN modules, LIN and other serial communication peripherals like UART, SPI and I2C
Functional Safety Dedicated hardware features such as Fail-Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM), Windowed Watchdog Timer (WDT), Power-on Reset (POR), Brown-out Reset (BOR), High/Low Voltage Detect (HLVD) and more
Flexible Peripherals Specialized Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs), such as the Peripheral Trigger Generator (PTG), that are designed to take the load off the Central Processing Unit (CPU)
DMA Dedicated Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller supports both memory and peripheral data transfers to reduce CPU workload
ScalableFlash memory densities range from 32 KB to 512 KB, RAM ranges from 4-52 KB and packages range from 28 to 64 pins

Target Applications


  • Under-the-hood
  • Camera control
  • Home link systems


  • Metering
  • Factory Automation
  • Smart relays
  • Arc fault interrupters


  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Smart IoT devices
  • Portable devices


  • Health monitors
  • Fitness monitors

dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ Family Selection Guide

For more information on each of the dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ products, click the “Sub Family” name in the table below.

Standard Key Features: LIN, UART, I2C, SPI, Timers, PWM/IC/OC, PPS, HS Comparators, 3V Operating Voltage and up to 150°C Operating Temperature
Standard Safety Features: WDT, Clock Monitoring, HLVD, BOR, POR and CRC
dsPIC33EP 'GP' FamilyMemoryIntegrated AnalogCommunicationSystem Flexibility
Sub FamilyPin CountProgram Flash (KB)RAM (KB)ADCOp Amps/PGAsCAN/Dual CANAuxiliary FlashPTG
dsPIC33EP512GP80664512522x 10-bit or
10-bit + 12-bit,
Up to 8 S&H
-✔ ✔-
Up to 4 S&H

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Parametric Charts

For a more in-depth analysis of our dsPIC33EP ‘GP’ family features and peripheral offerings, use our parametric tables to select the perfect device for your design.

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