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DC-DC Converters & Regulators

Linear Low Dropout Regulator (LDOs)

Microchip's linear low dropout LDO regulators feature ultra-low quiescent current, ultra-low dropout voltage, ultra-high ripple rejection, very accurate output, fast transient response, wide selection of packages and wide input voltage range.

Switching Regulators


Our comprehensive portfolio supports buck, boost, buck-boost and SEPIC designs from 100mA peak output current up to 12A as well as multi-output regulators to support multiple point of load applications such as microprocessors, FPGAs and ASICs.
For higher current applications, please see our selection of Analog and Hybrid PWM Controllers.

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Charge Pumps


Charge pump ICs that convert and regulate voltage using capacitive energy storage elements. Charge pumps are efficient and easy to use for applications with low current requirements.

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MPLAB Mindi Analog Simulator

  • Fast and accurate analog circuit simulations to help accelerate your hardware designs.
  • Choose from SPICE or piecewise linear SIMPLIS models, for accurate results in fast simulations
  • Downloadable simulation tool runs locally on your own PC without requiring an internet connection