Microchip Technology Inc

Wireless Remote Control Development Kit for Ultimate KeeLoq

Part Number: DM182017-4

To support the new Ultimate KeeLoq protocol, we offer the Wireless Security Remote Control Development Kit, which is a demonstration and development platform for wireless security applications. The kit demonstrates two security protocols: Ultimate KeeLoq Protocol and Classic KeeLoq Protocol. It contains a four-button key fob transmitter based on the MCS3142.

Dual KeeLoq Encoder, receiver PICtail™ daughterboard, and Embedded Security Development Board. The software download contains a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to assist with additional development work.

    Dual KeeLoq Encoder
    Four button key fob transmitters based on the MCS3142
    Receiver PICtail daughterboard
    Embedded Security Development Board
    The transmitter and receiver in this kit are tuned to the frequency 433.92MHz
    2-Serialized MCS3142 Wireless Remote Key Fobs
    SX1239 Receiver PICtail
    Embedded Security Development Board
    USB Cable