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We make it easy to create powerful and innovative 3D user interfaces. Our comprehensive and user-friendly development kits, free and downloadable Aurea Graphical User Interface (GUI), tutorial videos and other resources will help you bring your 3D gesture control project to life. We also offer expert technical support to help guide you through your development.

Choose from These Hardware Tools

MGC3140 Emerald Development Kit

The Emerald Development Kit comes with an MGC3140 module, an I2C-to-USB bridge module, a reference electrode and artificial hands to develop gesture-driven applications.

MGC3030 Woodstar Development Kit

The Woodstar Development Kit comes with an MGC3030 module, an I2C-to-USB bridge module and a reference electrode to develop gesture-driven applications.

MGC3130 Hillstar Development Kit

The Hillstar Development Kit comes with an MGC3130 module, an I2C-to-USB bridge module, a four-layer reference electrode and a “hand brick” set  to develop gesture-driven applications.

3D TouchPad

The 3D TouchPad is a powerful PC accessory and development platform that blends our 2D projected-capacitive touch solutions with our GestIC technology to enable multi-finger tracking, surface gestures and free-space 3D gestures above the surface.


GestIC Library

The GestIC Library is embedded firmware that is stored on the internal Flash memory of the MGC3030, MGC3130 and MGC3140 3D gesture controllers. It contains these items:

  • The Colibri Gesture Suite with the digital signal processing algorithms for GestIC features, such as approach detection, position tracking and gesture recognition
  • The System Control block providing full control of host interfaces, parameter storage and AFE access
  • The Library Loader for updates to the GestIC Library

The GestIC Library incorporates a message-based interface that allows the configuration of the chip and the streaming of the sensor data to the host application.

Aurea GUI

The Aurea evaluation software, with its built-in help and support system, simplifies the integration of gesture control into your application. It demonstrates the features of GestIC technology and provides access to the GestIC Library controls and configuration parameters and to visualizations of data generated by our MGC3030, MGC3130 and MGC3140 3D gesture controllers. It offers the following capabilities:

  • Visualization of hand position and user gestures
  • Visualization of sensor data
  • Real-time control of sensor features
  • GestIC Library updates
  • Analog Front-End (AFE) parameterization
  • Colibri signal processing parameterization
  • Logging of sensor values and storage in a log file

To further support your development, we offer hardware reference packages that contain the PCB layouts for the development kits, a collection of electrode reference designs and host code for various demonstrators that represent complete systems for embedded or PC-based applications. These resources be downloaded from the development kit and product pages. We also offer video tutorials and other developer resources on our Developer Help website.

GestIC Technology Products

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Product Status 5K Pricing Product Type Product Family Input Channels Proximity detection Output Channels Report Rate (pps) Power Modes Interface I/O LED Drivers Voltage Min. (V) Voltage Max. (V) Packages
MGC3030 In Production $2.47 3D Gesture MGC3xxx 5 Yes 1 200 3 I2C 5 3.14 3.47 28/SSOP
MGC3130 In Production $3.32 3D Positioning/Gesture MGC3xxx 5 Yes 1 200 3 I2C 5 3.14 3.47 28/QFN
MGC3140 In Production $3.38 3D Positioning/Gesture 5 Yes 5 200 3 I2C 5 3.14 3.47 48/UQFN


Title Downloads
MGC3030/3130 PIC18 Host Reference Code D/L
MGC3030/3130 Software Development Kit (SDK) V1.2.0 D/L
Aurea Software Package GUI 3.0.04 D/L
3DTouchPadGUI 1.2.13 D/L
3DTouchPad Software Development Kit D/L

First Automative-qualified 3D Gesture Recognition Controller