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FPGA Design Services

Learn about our broad range of FPGA design services solutions to elevate your design to the next level.

Designing with an FPGA consists of multiple software and hardware components. The first component is an EDA software tool to develop your design and verify it at various stages in the design flow, starting from functional simulation to real-time hardware verification. The next is IP Cores. While developing your application design, you may create your program or HDL code or use readily available IP cores to optimize development time. We offer a broad range of IP cores for easy functional integration and also support a host of partner IPs. The third component is the hardware evaluation platforms. Before you can develop your custom hardware, validate your designs and application on our wide range of evaluation hardware along with purpose-built reference designs to help you get started quickly.

During this development cycle, you may require custom IP solutions, help with reviewing your prototype schematics, priority technical support, or expert services to build your solution so you can optimize your costs. 

Microchip's FPGA Design Services offering is an opportunity to leverage a world-class team of design experts to expedite your design cycle with guaranteed quality. We also have expert services tailored to pivotal vertical and horizontal solutions for machine learning, Smart Embedded Vision, high-speed communications and motor control.

Our design offerings include a broad range of design items such as developing new modules and IPs, customizing IPs, design optimization and fitting and system development.

We have demonstrated proven execution records in FPGA designs with our team of experts with experience in Microchip FPGAs and popular industry-standard development tools. We also have extensive application experience with FPGA/SoC model-based designs, HDL IP and firmware development. With a structured, transparent, and continually re-assessed process with a dedicated program manager, our processes are certified by quality management. 

We also have a record of successful service engagements: We have provided expert support for the development and test of an embedded vision application, significantly optimizing the cost and design cycle for a client. We have ported embedded software and optimized code from migration from a legacy device, ensuring scalability and mitigating risks for our customers. 

We have also designed a system for an FPGA-based industrial machinery using the Microchip FPGA motor control solution for a customer that lacked the expertise to do so in house.

For more information, visit FPGA Design Services.

Watch this video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8qq2hMcwBw.

Apurva Peri , Dec 15, 2020