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Fitness Nut Meets Electronics Geek: The SAMD21 Curiosity Nano Fitness Tracker Demo

It’s almost that time of year again, the time for your New Year’s resolution! This year we’re adding some more inspiration behind the big commitment we all dread — the one to exercise more.

You're an embedded designer, so why not track your progress by prototyping your very own customizable fitness tracker?

The SAMD21 Curiosity Nano Fitness Tracker Project is where fitness nut meets electronics geek. It shows you how to implement what you need for your fitness life: a heart rate sensor and eINK display. Plus, it has what you need for your electronics life: a flexible, customizable prototyping platform that supports you as you expand your design.

Download the Project Files Here

Find the project tutorial in the readme.md file to get detailed instructions on how to run the demo. Plus, all the source code is included so you can fire up Microchip’s MPLAB® Harmony v3 development framework to see just how it was implemented.

You can expand the demo to include more sensors, actuators and connectivity modules by simply plugging a MikroElektronika Click into the remaining MikroBUS™ Click socket. We suggest the Wi-Fi 7 Click for adding Wi-Fi connection, or the 3D Motion Click to log your movement. 

In addition to some fitness inspiration, the ARM®-based SAMD21 MCU is also great for home automation, consumer, metering and industrial applications. You'll be able to create designs for all of those industries without ever switching your hardware or software dev tools with the flexible Curiosity Nano development platform and MPLAB Harmony software tools.

Learn more about the SAMD21 MCU or SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit

Embrace the Inspiration: Start Planning Your Design

Start planning your Fitness Tracker Project today, and we hope we inspired you to hit the gym (or to get started on your home exercise routine)…tomorrow.

Shridhar Channagiri, Nov 10, 2020