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Home, Industrial and Building Automation

Automation is designed to make life easier which is why so many companies are creating product portfolios that do just that. In recent times many of these companies have started to adopt wireless standards, such as Wi-Fi®, as the basis to their products and since then the market has grown exponentially.


Building automation allows systems to monitor building environments to make intelligent decisions regarding how resources are used.

HVAC systems can automatically be shut down during certain hours of the day or lights can be dimmed in vacant offices all with an eye to energy consumption or the related.

Smartphones can be used to send or receive email or SMS to adjust temperature settings, security alerts can be sent from sensors to smartphones advising on un-authorised activity.

Microchip's Wi-Fi solution offers superior advantages over the competitive solutions as the chipset was designed for extremely low power modes, using only 4 uA in sleep mode yet with super-fast response times allowing for wakeup, association and a full TCP data transfer in less than 100 mS.