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TrustFLEX Platform

Pre-configured Secure Elements to Support the Most Common Authentication Use Cases

If you have come to this page, you have most likely already reviewed the features of the Trust&GO platform and have determined that you need a more flexible option to implement secure elements in your design. With our TrustFLEX platform, you can order the ATECC608B-TFLXTLS secure element with a pre-established locked configuration that supports the most common cloud authentication use cases. The device comes pre-provisioned with an overwritable generic certificate for thumbprint authentication that can be replaced with your credentials for TLS-based authentication to a cloud platform. TrustFLEX also offers several other configured use cases within the same device as listed below.

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Choose from These TrustFLEX Use Cases

  • Certificate-based authentication for any Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), any cloud platform
  • Token-based authentication
  • Secure boot (with key attestation)
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) verification
  • Firmware IP protection
  • Message encryption
  • Key rotation
  • I/O protection key
  • Host accessory authentication

If the TrustFLEX use cases do not meet the requirements of your authentication model, please look at our TrustCUSTOM platform.

What Are the Benefits of Using TrustFLEX Devices?

  • Offers a PKI-agnostic solution that can leverage an existing or new certificate chain from your customer
  • Provides a cloud-agnostic option for any cloud infrastructure that uses TLS with elliptical curve support
  • Optimizes your costs by using the provisioning infrastructure that is integrated into our factory
  • Includes complete code examples and configuration-related tasks, allowing you to focus on your application code and reduce your development time
  • Leverages the Trust Platform Design Suite to access our use case selector tool and code examples
  • Features a Minimum Orderable Quantity (MOQ) of 2,000 units to meet the production needs of even the smallest projects

Ready to Get Started with TrustFLEX?

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the data sheet.

Step 2: Use the Trust Platform Design Suite, available for Windows® and macOS® operating systems, to prototype with your secure element.

Step 3: Buy the Trust Platform hardware, then prototype and integrate your application code in the microcontroller.

Step 4: Once the C code for the secure element is working in your embedded application, you are ready to create the configuration file using the TrustFLEX configurator that is available in the Design Suite. After the configuration file is finalized, submit a support ticket to obtain your encryption key. Encrypt the configuration file using the provided utility, load it in the support ticket and you will receive provisioned validation devices from our Hardware Secure Module (HSM) equipped factories.

After you have completed the provisioning process with the TrustFLEX platform, you will receive your securely provisioned devices from Microchip delivered directly to your destination of choice.

Complete Stack Examples for TrustFLEX

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