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PMIC - Power Management ICs

PMIC Power Management Multi-Output ICs from Microchip range from dual-output to highly integrated PMICs focusing on optimizing system power, size and cost. Our PMICs comprise a broad range of features such as fault detection and power sequencing to address applications across different levels of complexity.

  • Optimize battery life: Multimode, high-efficiency, low quiescent current regulators
  • Create compact designs: Our small PMICs include multiple integrated regulators, interfacing, power sequencing logic and fault detection in a single IC
  • Power solutions for microprocessor-based applications
    • Click here for an example of the MIC2800 in an industrial-grade 32-bit MPU based System On Module (SOM)

Featured PMIC Products

Product Description
MIC2800 2 MHz 600 mA DC/DC + dual 300 mA linear regulators with LowQ® mode
MIC7401 Configurable PMIC w/ 5-channel buck regulator and boost regulator with HyperLight Load® technology
MIC23250 Dual 4 MHz 400 mA HyperLight Load® synchronous buck regulator
MIC2230High Efficiency Dual 800 mA/800 mA Buck Regulators
MIC28102MHz 600 mA DC/DC + Dual 300 mA Linear Regulators with Independent Inputs and LowQ Mode
MIC234513 MHz, 2A Triple Synchronous Buck Regulators with HyperLight Load and Power Good Indicators