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Motor Control and Drive Overview

Welcome to the Motor Control and Drive design center. Here you can find solutions for your motor control project whether you are using Brushed DC, Stepper, Brushless DC, Permanent Magnet Synchronous, AC Induction, or Switched Reluctance motors. You can shorten your development cycle by using free motor control software with application notes and tuning guides. Our scalable motor control development tools promote rapid prototyping for low-voltage and high-voltage systems including dual motor control options.

Microchip offers a full line-up of MCU’s for motor control ranging from low cost 8-Bit devices to high performance 16 and 32-bit devices that contain innovative motor control PWM peripherals including complementary waveforms and dedicated time base. For applications that require variable speed with constant torque and field-oriented control for greater efficiency, the high-performance dsPIC® DSC core includes DSP instructions for more precise control. For customers looking for 32-Bit floating point processing with DSP extensions Microchip supports a broad portfolio of ARM Cortex M0, M4 and M7 based products, as well as the 32-Bit MIPS based PIC32MK series.

The single-chip motor control and motor drive solutions enable simpler designs and decrease board space, and are often used as companion chips with PIC® Microcontrollers and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers.