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Single Wire and UNI/O® Bus Serial EEPROMs

A Tale of Two Pins

Using as few as two pins Microchip’s Single Wire and UNI/O® Bus Serial EEPROM’s can add the functionality your attachable end products have been missing.  From authentication to calibration, these chips are ideal for replaceable attachments and consumable goods.  They can also provide usage data to give insight on your products health, lifetime, and usage statistics.  With as few as two pins (Serial I/O and GND) these products provide the verification, tracking, usage record, and counterfeit protection needed for your devices.

mpu standard i2c un/io single-wire

No solder? No problem!

The Single Wire devices can be mechanically attached (snap-in) to your end products. This means simplified manufacturing and greater flexibility with low-thermal plastic enclosures. They also offer extremely strong ESD protection making them suitable for direct contact from outside of the application.

Example Applications

  • Authentication – Medical disposables, Cable and Fiber Optic connectors, Batteries, Printer cartridges, E-cigarettes, Industrial and Consumer attachments
  • Calibration – Fitness & Healthcare wearables, Medical strips & pumps, Sensors
  • Data Logging & Usage Records – Alarm systems, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Medical Products
  • Identification – Asset Tracking and Serial Numbers
  • Additional Memory – Pin limited MCUs that require additional memory