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Blood Glucose Meter Solutions

Blood glucose meters are used to determine the concentration of glucose in a patient's blood. Glucose concentration is an important quantity for the management of diabetes. Key differentiators of our blood glucose meter solutions include ease of use, convenient size and low power consumption.

Glucose Meter Block Diagram

Microchip Has What Glucose Meter Designers Need

  • Lowest power (sleep currents down to 9 nA, run current down to 30 µA/MHz) PIC® MCUs enable long battery life designs.
  • Sleep mode flexibility: RAM retention, fast wake up and flexible wake up sources
  • Analog components, such as low-offset/low-noise op amps and high-resolution ADCs, can be used for amplification, conditioning and conversion of the test strip socket output.
  • Cost-efficient, highly integrated PIC microcontrollers that can lower the BOM cost of glucose meter designs. Integration features include analog signal conditioning, LCD control and mTouch input sensing.
  • Other peripherals integrated into Microchip's MCUs include:
    • A Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) which can provide a constant current source with a range from 0.55 µA to 550 µA.
    • Real-Time Clock/Calendars (RTCC) with functions for timekeeping, alarms and calendar applications. These devices offer highly configurable alarms and have the ability to wake up external devices without CPU intervention.

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