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Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Solutions from Node to Edge

Quickly and confidently create a cloud-connected solution for the Microsoft Azure platform with variety of certified solutions offered by Microchip. By providing everything from the silicon to the development tools and even sample code, customers can get to market fast with no expertise needed. While being connected to the cloud comes with inherent security risks, Microchip’s Azure-certified solutions incorporate security features to enable you to protect your brand, IP, revenue and customers.

Smart Secured Nodes

node-psThis smart connected solution is comprised of a powerful microcontroller with crypto accelerators as well as Wi-Fi® communication which together provide the base-level building blocks for your IoT node. The boards allow users to easily add additional functionality, such as temperature sensing, to their designs.

  • Secure boot for establishing a chain of trust
  • Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE) capable for protection of nodes
  • Certified boards for fast development

Intelligent Edge Gateway

gateway iconThe Intelligent Edge platform leverages the SAMA5D2 processor to authenticate a product as part of the Azure cloud. The partnership of Microchip and Sequitur Labs enables the deployment of secured gateways certified for the Microsoft Azure platform. The solution provides protection against potential theft or loss of data.

  • Highly-secured gateway
  • Full Microsoft container compatibility
  • Complete root of trust from build to deployment

Design Partner Program

Microchip’s Worldwide Design Partner network provides a channel between our authorized Design Partners and customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. We have partners who can provide consulting services, hardware and software design, and full turnkey manufacturing services.